Stainless Steel Work Tables

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Improve Your Kitchen With Stainless Steel Work Tables

Stainless steel work tables are the perfect investment for your business, thanks to their efficient contribution to the staff's daily routine and kitchen operations. These stainless steel tables are suitable for use in all kinds of food preparation and catering businesses such as restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias, cafés, and concession stands.

Stainless steel work tables are handy kitchen equipment that will address your different needs in your kitchen. Firstly, these versatile stainless steel metal tables are ideal kitchen prep tables with flat surfaces for your staff to prepare salads, pizzas, or food ingredients. Furthermore, they can easily withstand hard use, and therefore, your cook can beat meat, chop the vegetable, knead dough or batter the mixes. 

Moreover, the solid top of the stainless steel prep tables provides an additional storage room with a large space underneath. If you opt to add a stainless steel work table with a shelf, you will have a large stainless steel shelf base in front of you and your staff. Here, you can accommodate your bulk ingredients, small appliances, and other necessary stuff within easy reach while working. Besides, there are also open base stainless steel work tables in Chef's Deal inventory. This type of commercial work table offers a large empty cavity where you can place your under-counter kitchen equipment, large ingredient packs, or waste bins

These kitchen work tables are manufactured from 18 gauge stainless steel to ensure safe and reliable work in your commercial kitchen. Stainless steel work tables come in different sizes ranging from 36x30 stainless tables to 30x96 metal tables. In addition, the stainless steel work tables have adjustable legs, which allow you to change their heights to the comfortable working level of your personnel. You can also keep them stable on the uneven floor. Besides, these stainless steel kitchen tables have a nonporous steel top to prevent contaminant formation like bacteria.

Another option for you to choose among the stainless steel work tables is the enclosed work tables. this commercial kitchen equipment is equipped with sliding doors to create a sealed storing section that enables you to store your ingredients, appliances, or utensils. Additionally, these commercial kitchen tables with shelves can also be used as dishtables to store your dishes after cleaning or a cabinet table on which your staff can run their kitchen duties diligently. They also have adjustable feet to provide a stable and even surface and backsplash to keep your walls free of ingredient splashes.

We carry different sizes of these versatile stainless steel work tables and stainless steel kitchen cabinets from the leading vendors in the U.S., and you will be much pleased to have these functional and sturdy prep tables in your commercial kitchen.