Restaurant Equipment

Growing in the foodservice business depends on cooking delicious meals, preparing tasty beverages, doing your job fast and clean, and satisfying customers. In addition, trends are changing fast in the foodservice industry. Therefore, choosing the right commercial restaurant equipment is one of the key points to be successful in the restaurant business. Read More

Food Holding & Warming Equipment

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Keep your food at the proper temperature and ready to serve with food holding & warming equipment. We carry a wide range of products for your needs.

Commercial Ice Machines

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From professional ice machines to ice crushers, commercial ice machines are must-have equipment in a typical American foodservice business.

Commercial Kitchen Hoods

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Commercial hoods are a must for all safe kitchens and to make your operation code-complaint. Choose the right appliance for your business needs.

Walk-in Refrigeration

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Walk-in Coolers & Freezers keep your perishable food fresh at a safe temperature economically and eco-friendly until you cook or serve them.


Food Display & Merchandising

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Food display & merchandising equipment is an excellent way to lure your customers with the selection of your real foods. Keep and display your food safely!

Commercial Dishwashing Equipment

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Commercial dishwashing equipment are essential for a foodservice business. We offer a wide range of selections to help you save time and money.

Commercial Work Tables

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By putting a work table in your restaurant, you can make prepping and cooking stations. With these tables, you can organize your kitchen effectively.

Commercial Sinks

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Outfitting your place with the right commercial sinks allows you to pass the sanitation codes. We offer a wide range of sinks according to your place's needs.

Commercial Faucets & Plumbing

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Commercial faucets and plumbings are always one of the most used parts of your kitchen. So be sure to have functional and durable systems for your sinks.

Storage & Transport

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Investing in storage and transport supplies like racks, carts, and cabinets enables you to create a more efficient restaurant kitchen.

Equipment Parts

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Restaurant equipment parts are key elements of the foodservice industry to protect your commercial kitchen equipment and keep your workflow continuously.

Top Products In Category

Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Store

Growing in the foodservice business depends on cooking delicious meals, preparing tasty beverages, doing your job fast and clean, and satisfying customers. In addition, trends are changing fast in the foodservice industry. Therefore, choosing the right commercial restaurant equipment is one of the key points to be successful in the restaurant business.

Whether you are starting from scratch or remodeling your restaurant, or adding new dishes to evolve your menu due to shifting trends, having durable, heavy-duty, efficient, and high-quality commercial restaurant equipment increases your productivity. The layout of equipment, customization, storage of your products, low-rate malfunctions, maintenance in a short time, quick reachable parts and accessories are other main issues while deciding on commercial restaurant equipment.

Chef’s Deal, your reliable restaurant equipment store, helps you at this point with providing world-class brands' high-quality products at affordable prices with the best customer service, free consulting, start-up financing, and fast shipping services. Our supplies and services will increase your kitchen efficiency, provide safety, and boost your business. From commercial walk-in refrigeration systems to cooking equipment and restaurant smallware, you can find suitable commercial kitchen equipment with consistent and long-lasting performance for your business at Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Store.

Commercial Refrigeration

Keeping the food fresh is essential regardless of the air conditions. Commercial refrigeration systems, from heavy-duty reach-in, walk-in refrigeration systems, ice makers, bottle coolers, back bar coolers, refrigeration display cases, blast chillers, ice cream soft serve machines, chef bases, to microwave combos refrigeration units, are your helper according to your needs. Freezer or cooler or combo, restaurant's space, product storage limits, ventilation systems, and city/state codes are some factors that affect your commercial refrigeration selection.

Food Preparation Equipment

You have the ingredients, and you have the place to store them: Now it's time to prepare some delicious food to cook for your customers. Especially in busy restaurants, facilities, or small cafes but on their busy days (like celebration days), food preparation equipment is a lifesaver among commercial restaurant equipment. The kitchen is where your menu comes alive. Thus, what kind of professional kitchen equipment you use matters a lot. Since cooking starts with choosing the right commercial kitchen equipment to bring all the ingredients together, you should choose the food preparation equipment that matches your business style. Meat slicers, commercial mixers, can openers, pasta machines, meat processing equipment, bread slicers, dough sheeters, food packaging machines, and more. Considering your daily or monthly food preparation needs, you can prefer suitable food preparation equipment for your restaurant supply needs.

Commercial Cooking Equipment

Choosing the right cooking equipment is a challenging process and can save you time and money in the long term. You can choose commercial cooking equipment such as commercial ovens, ranges, fryers, tilt skillets, pasta cookers, gyro machines, tortilla machines, salamander broilers, braising pans, commercial steamers, and more for your kitchen. We offer a wide selection of all required commercial cooking equipment for restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, bakeries, food trucks, concession stands, or any foodservice facilities.

Gas or electricity is the primary concern while choosing the cooking equipment, and city or state safety codes should be considered as well. According to a cousin you want to cook and dishes in your menus or business style, you can also decide the types of commercial restaurant equipment for cooking.

Commercial Dishwashing

You store food fresh, prepare the ingredients fast, cook them tastefully, and serve them classy, but cyle is not over. Consistency is so important in the foodservice business; therefore, you should have a commercial dishwasher, sink, and table for all dirty dishware to start again quickly.

You can have only a counter dishwasher as a small cafe, according to your business need. On the other hand, you may want to have a complete station of including a commercial dishwasher, commercial sink, dish table, waste system, grease trap and interceptor, work table, equipment stand, and filler table for a busy kitchen in a restaurant or a facility.

Food Holding and Warming Equipment

Holding your food warm safely for a long time can ease your workload in a day and increase your kitchen's efficiency. Countertop warmers and display cases, steam tables and food wells, dish and tray dispensers, holding cabinets, proofing cabinets, rethermalize and raclette machine, and heated shelf food warmer are your helpers in this commercial restaurant equipment category.

Food Display and Merchandising Equipment

Temptingly presenting your food boosts your sales. At this point, choosing the right food display and merchandising equipment is essential for food safety and hygiene. These commercial restaurant equipment hold your food at the right temperature, hot/warm and fresh, until serving.

Commercial Beverage Equipment

Commercial restaurant equipment like beverage equipment help businesses prepare ready-to-go drinks without the need for any other machine or accessory to make them ready, saving you both time and money. Whether you run a bar, a cafe, or a restaurant, your commercial beverage equipment brew, blend or mix the contents due to your needs. You can make, hold and serve hot drinks like coffee, tea, cappuccino, or cold beverages like milkshakes, margaritas, smoothies, and juices with the hot drink or frozen drink machines.

Commercial Kitchen Hoods

Commercial kitchen hoods are the essential restaurant equipment for all types of business in the foodservice industry. Exhausting hoods remove smoke, hot air, steam, grease, and other particles produced by kitchen equipment like ranges and fryers. It would help if you chose a proper commercial kitchen hood to clean and balance your restaurant's air, and the exhausting hood should also be compatible with local codes.

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems are another must commercial restaurant equipment. Tap water contains many minerals and limescale, so they build up inside the equipment. Having a quality water filtration system help extend your commercial restaurant equipment and save the flavor of your carefully prepared beverage.

Medical Refrigeration

Medical refrigeration units such as lab freezers keep temperature-sensitive medical supplies and samples safely. Medical refrigeration systems are very important for hospitals, elderly care facilities, and any other healthcare facilities.

Restaurant Equipment Parts and Accessories

Just having quality commercial restaurant equipment is not enough to keep the professional restaurant business going on. All major maintenance should be done by qualified technicians not to void the equipment's warranty. During purchasing your commercial kitchen equipment, store or easy access to needed commercial restaurant equpment parts and accessories at affordable prices for maintenance and replacement are other essential points to be considered.


The restaurant business is a sector that is constantly developing, renewing, aggressive, and does not accept big mistakes. You can start a giant step ahead by choosing the right commercial restaurant equipment for your kitchen. Storing your food and ingredients safely, preparing meals hygienically, cooking delicious, and serving them classy, and of course, washing all dirty dishes and cleaning other kitchen equipment can happen with high-quality commercial restaurant equipment and kitchen supplies. Budget, restaurant and kitchen space, gas/electricity connections are significant issues in choosing commercial restaurant equipment. Chef’s Deal is ready to provide you the right commercial restaurant equipment regardless of your business type.