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Restaurant Equipment

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Whether you want to prepare your ingredients, cook your meals, store your supplies, or provide an attractive dining experience, you are going to need restaurant equipment . We can provide all the commercial kitchen supplies and restaurant equipment you need for your growing business, whether it’s a food truck, bakery, upscale restaurant, or a small cafe!

Keeping your food at the proper temperature during storage and prep is paramount to serving fresh tasting meals and saving ingredients for as long as needed. Every establishment needs refrigerators , however different needs require different sizes. We offer refrigeration solutions from walk-in freezers for deep storage, to reach-in dual-temp units for quick and easy access. If you are serving ice cream, we’ll be happy to supply your dipping cabinets as well.

While you’re keeping things cool, don’t forget your ice machines . As your restaurant equipment supply store, we can outfit you with a wide range of ice making machines, including shaved ice makers cube style ice makers , and ice dispensing units .

On the other end of the temperature curve, you’ll want precise, high heat to cook your meals at the perfect temperature. Our high-temperature ranges & ovens will go great in kitchens of all sizes, outdoor or indoor. In addition, our restaurant equipment catalog hosts a wide variety of fryers, for corn dogs, french fries, funnel cakes, and any other hot treats you might serve. When efficiently coupled with our food warmers & cookers, you can keep your best food fresh and ready to serve. We are also happy to be your supplier of hot dog equipment and sandwich & panini grills.

If you’re working with fresh fruits & vegetables, then you may be looking for blenders to make some delicious smoothies. It is our pleasure to also provide the proper fruit & vegetable prep equipment for you to cut, slice, and dice as you see fit. We can even provide you with the work tables & stands that you will need to support all of the cooking and prep that you will be doing. We will also help you stay organized and neat with our stacking kits.

Of course, we never forget the sweets. If you’re running a concession stand, you’ll need fast working, efficient equipment. Lucky for you, as your restaurant equipment provider, we have just what you need. Cotton candy equipment, caramel apple equipment, and fresh popcorn equipment, is our specialty. And we will be happy to supply you with the proper display materials as well.

Your business will always grow, and with us as your restaurant equipment provider, you’ll never fall behind. You will have everything you need to outfit your restaurant, through fresh food, efficient service, a clean workplace, and the best cooking methods, customers will always turn to your business for the best food.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is restaurant equipment?

Restaurant equipment is the category of all of the supplies you may need to run a successful and efficient food service.

Where to buy restaurant equipment?

Restaurant equipment is available at a multitude of locations like brick & mortar stores and various warehouse shopping centers, but the best and most efficient way to buy is on an internet storefront such as Chef’s Deal.

How to finance restaurant equipment?

Chef’s Deal can supply you with easy and simple methods of financing all of your restaurant equipment. With QuickSpark's simple financing, you can get the equipment you need for a low monthly payment you can afford. Quickly earn back your investment while maintaining steady cash flow.

Which restaurant equipments are needed?

Depending on the size of your business and your specific offerings, you may need just a refrigerator and stovetop, or a vast assortment of restaurant equipment to satisfy your needs. Whatever you need, we have it ready for you. In the following paragraphs, you can see some examples of what equipment your establishment may need. You can also tour to see our vast variety of quality products you can choose from.

How much does restaurant equipment cost?

Your needs will define your price. A full-service bar could run you no more than $500-$600 a month when financed while filling out an entire restaurant kitchen could cost more than $5000 a month. We offer products in all price ranges to get you the best equipment you need at a price you can afford.

How to clean restaurant equipment?

The answer will depend on what kind of material your equipment is made from and what you want to clean off of it. Every piece of equipment should come with an instruction manual which can help you with the cleaning process. Using the right products to clean your restaurant equipment is vital. It will make sure that your equipment stays looking brand new for a long time and lasts longer.

What equipment do you need for a restaurant?

Your selection will depend on what type of establishment you want to open. If you would like to open a bar, small refrigeration equipment will be important to keep your ingredients cool and in easy reach. For a full sized restaurant you may want to look into our selections of ovens and stove tops, walk-in freezers, food prep tables, restaurant seating, and other offerings which will help your restaurant maintain a polished, inviting, and professional atmosphere. If you want to focus on a small cafe, then the most important items will be comfortable seating and coffee and tea equipment.

How can I repair the restaurant equipment?

Every piece of restaurant equipment comes with instruction manuals which will give a detailed description of how they can help you with the repair process of your equipment. You can call the customer service number on the manuals or you can also visit the companies website to file a service request.