Commercial Tortilla Press

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Thin And Even Tortillas With Commercial Tortilla Presses

Commercial tortilla presses are small and handy kitchen appliances used for flattening flour or corn dough balls into thin and uniform tortillas. These tortilla-making machines feature a clamshell design with a fixed base surface, a hinged top, and a handle. Tortilla doughs are rolled out while pressed between the flat surfaces. Pressing your own tortillas will help you serve fresh and fluffy tortillas with a homemade taste rather than frozen factory-produced ones.

How To Choose A Commercial Tortilla Press?

Manual Or Automatic Commercial Tortilla Press Machines: Manual tortilla presses are made of three materials. Cast-iron is the most common. It is more durable, heavier, and applies more pressure for better results. Aluminum is a lighter option. Some models have heated platens for greater thickness customization and a higher production capacity using less human power. For instance, DoughXpress TXM-SS Manual Tortilla Dough Press can deliver up to 600 tortillas per hour. Wooden tortilla presses are more traditional. They may crack over time, but customers may love their eye-catching aesthetic look.

Commercial electric tortilla makers are automatic. If you constantly serve fajitas, quesadillas, burritos, or wraps, you need to speed up the tortilla-making process. Automatic commercial tortilla presses are do-it-all appliances with up to a 900 hourly production capacity. In some models, both platens are heated and have adjustable temperature and thickness controls. Desired size and thickness can be achieved safely without requiring any skilled labor. Fully cooking tortillas in a heated press is not recommended. After initial grilling off, it is better to finish tortillas on a tortilla grill.

Shapes And Sizes Of Commercial Tortilla Presses: Most manual platens are round with up to 18 inches. There are also rectangular platens that can be as big as 16 by 20 inches. Larger-sized presses can be used to create pizza crusts, too. Tortilla sizes usually vary between 6 and 12 inches in diameter, but corn tortillas are generally smaller. Therefore, a larger diameter press would be better for those looking for a commercial flour tortilla maker machine. Size also relates to your menu items. Tacos need smaller, but burritos need larger tortillas.


Using freshly made tortillas in your recipes will give you a competitive edge. Chef's Deal has manual and automatic commercial tortilla presses of various sizes from elite brands, BE&SCODoughXpress, and more. You can also see other tortilla grills, tortilla makers & presses to offer complete tortilla menus to your customers.