Restaurant Grease Traps and Interceptors

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  1. $2,535.42

    FINANCE FOR: $61.90/mo.

  2. $1,377.89

    FINANCE FOR: $33.64/mo.

  3. $2,720.47

    FINANCE FOR: $66.41/mo.

  4. $2,306.68

    FINANCE FOR: $56.31/mo.

  5. $5,422.95

    FINANCE FOR: $132.39/mo.

  6. $2,923.51

    FINANCE FOR: $71.37/mo.

  7. $1,082.33

    FINANCE FOR: $26.42/mo.

  8. $1,307.52

    FINANCE FOR: $31.92/mo.

  9. $1,270.65

    FINANCE FOR: $31.02/mo.

  10. $3,704.83

    FINANCE FOR: $90.45/mo.

  11. $7,405.80

    FINANCE FOR: $180.80/mo.

  12. $1,928.92

    FINANCE FOR: $47.09/mo.

  13. $10,024.74

    FINANCE FOR: $244.73/mo.

  14. $6,746.56

    FINANCE FOR: $164.70/mo.

  15. $4,104.47

    FINANCE FOR: $100.20/mo.

  16. $8,626.59

    FINANCE FOR: $210.60/mo.

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Restaurant Grease Traps and Interceptors: Keep Your Business Afloat Like Oil on Water

Restaurant grease traps and interceptors are installed in the restaurant plumbing system to collect oil, grease, solid waste, and debris before entering the sewage system. State administrations oblige all restaurants to have one of these grease traps for commercial kitchens as a part of their drainage system to catch the contaminants which cannot be separated from the water and the plumbing system, causing clogging and break-downs.  

Restaurant grease traps and interceptors feature a large collecting tank with various capacities ranging from 20 Ibs to 500 Ibs. These restaurant grease interceptors operate by keeping the oil that floats on top of the water in the tank while the water moves into the drainage through the tank outlet. These commercial grease traps for restaurants can be installed on the floor near the dish pit to maximize its efficiency.


As a reliable commercial restaurant equipment supply store, Chef's Deal presents a selection of grease interceptors by Dormont and Klinger's Trading, which will surely help you conduct your operations without harming nature breaching the regulations.