Commercial Ice & Water Dispensers

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Commercial Ice And Water Dispensers: Portable, Practical and Functional

Commercial ice and water dispenser let your customers or guests fill up their cups with ice or water without the help of an employee. Commercial ice and water dispensers offer increased practicality with their user-friendly push-button or cleaner touch-free dispensing operations. In addition to their daily ice production and storage capacity, they can dispense ice and water.

How Is A Commercial Ice And Water Dispenser Different From Other Ice Machines?

A commercial ice dispenser is similar to an ice bin in that they both have a specific storage capacity. The difference, however, is that with ice bins, you need such accessories as ice buckets, bags, or scoops to access the storage and get ice for use. Ice dispensers minimize human or other contact and thus remove the risk of contamination. A manual fill or hands-free ice dispenser will automatically dispense ice into your cup, improving sanitary conditions.

Some commercial ice dispensers have water dispenser configurations, too. With a simple push of a button or an automatic dispensing operation, your guests or customers can quickly meet their ice and cold water requirements from the same unit. Commercial ice dispensers can also house an ice maker. In that case, you have the luxury of producing and storing ice and dispensing ice and water with one compact appliance. Finally, ice and water dispensers are portable and more practical.

What to Know When Buying a Commercial Ice and Water Dispenser?

Before buying a commercial ice and water dispenser, you should identify your business type, available space, and capacity expectations. You will have to attend to the following points to narrow down your search.

1. Commercial Ice And Water Dispenser Capacity

When purchasing a commercial ice dispenser, capacity refers to how much ice you need to keep ready for use. An accurate estimate of your business volume and possible pikes during rush hours will dictate your capacity requirements. Most ice dispensers generally store less than what they can produce. If you have fluctuating business traffic, you need a commercial ice maker with a dispenser to have ice ready at all times. Then, production capacity comes into play, too. An ice maker dispenser can produce up to 800 pounds of ice per 24 hours.

Alternatively, you may wish to pair your existing ice maker with a new ice dispenser or the other way around. In that case, remember first to check the compatibility of the two units and then carefully match your ice requirements with storage and production capacities. When there is a miscalculation, you will either have to cope with melted water or fall short of ice when needed.

2. Ice Type

Ice-type should not be undervalued because the ice-to-water ratio of each ice type can be different, influencing the ice and water content of your drinks. A commercial ice dispenser can produce crescent or nugget ice cubes. Crescent cube is the classical type that cools liquids quickly; nugget ice maintains less drink dilution and provides a chewable texture.

3. Style of Commercial Ice And Water Dispenser

Countertop ice and water dispensers can fit almost anywhere, so they are handy and portable. Floor models are stand-alone units that are elevated with legs. Some include casters for portability. Wall-mounted commercial water dispensers can be fixed securely on a wall or used as a countertop ice dispenser.

4. Cooling System of Commercial Ice And Water Dispenser

A commercial ice dispenser cools its operating parts either by blowing air or by pumping water. Air-cooled models are more common as they are less costly. Yet, they can increase the ambient temperatures in your establishment. Water-cooled ice dispensers can make more ice using less electricity. However, they consume a lot of clean water, driving up your utility costs.


Chef's Deal has a wide selection of commercial ice dispensers from leading brands that indeed match your expectations. You may also want to take a look at portable ice bins and ice makers with bins.