Commercial Hotplates

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  8. Special Price $1,540.00

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  9. Special Price $2,918.30

    FINANCE FOR: $71.24/mo.

  10. $2,430.00

    FINANCE FOR: $59.32/mo.

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  11. Special Price $3,740.00

    FINANCE FOR: $83.00/mo.

  12. Special Price $2,194.50

    FINANCE FOR: $48.70/mo.

  13. Special Price $5,280.00

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  14. $1,140.00

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If you have a limited space in your kitchen, you might be looking for a commercial hotplate instead of a commercial range. With the right restaurant hotplate, it is possible to use the limited space effectively. At Chef’s Deal, there are many commercial hotplates to consider for your kitchen. Let us help you discover all of them!


Cook With A Professional


Running a professional restaurant requires you to upgrade kitchen equipment from time to time. Especially, if you want to grow your business, then upgrading your kitchen equipment is a must. Thus, you might be thinking about getting a commercial range to cover your daily operation. However, not having enough space to put a commercial range into your kitchen is a problem at that moment. You don’t have to worry about it, though. A commercial hot plate is your savior.


Let’s say that you offer freshly made hot meals on your menu. Then, a commercial induction hot plate is what you need. Preparing food beforehand is always useful to be able to serve hot meals. Thus, prepare food on a prep table and then use your commercial grade hot plate to cook the best meals of the neighbourhood.


Don’t forget that using restaurant commercial hot plates will make you feel like you are working with a professional in your kitchen besides the professional team you already have. Whether you need a commercial 2 burner hot plate or a 4 burner hot plate, Chef’s Deal offers it for you to grow your business right away.


Electric or Gas Hot Plate?


If you plan to get a hot plate for commercial kitchen, you’ll come across two options. One is the commercial electric hot plate and the other is the gas countertop hot plate. When it comes to choosing a commercial hotplate gas hotplates are more advantageous in speed. They cook faster than the electric ones. Besides, the cost of operating a gas hot plate is cheaper. However, an electric hot plate might be a safer option as it does not spread gas into the air. What’s more is that electric hot plates offer a more stable work.


Whatever type you need, Chef’s Deal is there to offer. Discover all the commercial hot plate options here and make a decision now!