Commercial Hotplates

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Commercial Hotplates Offer Extra Cooking Capacity

Commercial hotplates are portable countertop cooking equipment with electric heating elements or gas burners. Unlike standard commercial ranges with various top and base configurations, they feature only a stovetop and do not demand much space. Although most commercial hotplates have a flat cooking surface, manufacturers also offer models with open burners and grates. When you are tight on space or your commercial ranges cannot pace up demands, you can continue serving your signature dishes with a compact hotplate.

Key Points In Buying Commercial Hotplates

Commercial hotplates are straightforward small restaurant cooking equipment. The critical points are choosing the best hot plate, fuel type, burner quantity, and burner type. They are often made of durable stainless steel to withstand heavy-duty use in commercial settings. They fit your countertop properly with or without legs. Those with adjustable legs and non-skid feet provide extra flexibility and safer use.

  1. Fuel Type For Commercial Hotplates: Commercial hotplates come with gas burners or electric heating elements. Utility costs may change across states, but gas is often a less expensive energy source. Therefore, commercial hot plate gas models are cheaper to operate. Gas hotplates also heat up faster and respond more quickly to temperature adjustments. You can choose between natural gas and a propane hot plate.

    On the other hand, hot plate electric burners can be cheaper to buy. They are also more practical for frequent use around your kitchen. Plus, electric hotplates do not require additional installation requirements like gas-powered hot plates.
  1. Burner Quantity of Commercial Hotplates: Commercial hotplates vary in the number of burners to match your cooking volumes. A single-burner hot plate or a double-burner one might be more than enough for you if you already have a commercial range in your establishment. A large commercial hot plate with multiple burners would do justice to smaller facilities short of space for a standard range. You can have up to 10 hot plate burners. More burners mean cooking with more pots and pans at once.
  2. Burner Types of Commercial Hotplates: Gas hotplates have open burners placed under cast-iron grates to hold heavy-duty cookware. You can easily adjust heat levels independently for each burner manually through control knobs. The grates can have a star-shaped or trivet design. It can be easier and safer to shift pots and pans on cast-iron trivets. There are also sealed burners having extra safety features and a stylish look. Commercial hotplate burners can be placed side by side or step-up style. Step-up burners are two-tiered models with the back burners elevated above the front ones.
    Hot plate electric burners can have several styles, too. A ceramic glass top is a smooth black ceramic glass surface. Besides easy cleanup, it creates an elegantly modern appearance. You can freely move your cooking vessels on these commercial hotplates without lifting them. Flat solid and solid cast-iron elements also offer a hassle-free cleanup. The round plates with embedded heating elements provide even heat distribution. Finally, flat spiral tops are more suitable for surface contact heating with heavier pots. One known downside is that they may cause hot spots.


A commercial hotplate can be a great addition to a regular restaurant, catering company, or mobile foodservice establishment. You can use it to complete your stoves when extra cooking capacity is needed or as a stand-alone unit. Check out gas or electric hotplates at Chef’s Deal from top manufacturers, American RangeComstock-CastleImperial, Summit, Garland USA Range, Vulcan, Jade, and more.