Poly Top Tables

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Practical and Functional: Poly Top Tables

Poly top tables are a good investment for your business, which will pay off thanks to their practicality and functionality. Equipped with a sturdy poly top, these commercial work tables are the perfect additions to the commercial kitchens of restaurants, bakeries, delis, butcher shops, and meat processing businesses to have a large working surface.

Advantages of Poly Top Tables

The benefits of having a poly top table in your back of the house  can be summarized as follows:

  • Providing large working surface and cutting table,
  • Presenting extra storage area,
  • Offering safe and reliable food preparation with sturdy and scratch-resistant materials.

Double the Cutting and Prep Surface with One Poly Top Table

The starring feature of poly top tables that make the difference is their poly tabletop, which can vary in thickness from 5/8" to 3/4". This poly top has resistance against heat and hard use to withstand the hard beatings of meat processing. Furthermore, the tops of the poly tales are scratch-resistant and enable you to maintain a sanitized working surface and comply with health regulations by preventing the piling of the food particles inside these thin cuts. Hence, these stainless steel tables with cutting boards are also suitable for use in bakeries and pizzerias.

Besides, poly top tables have a top frame made of 16 or 18 gauge stainless steel while they rise on four strong steel legs equipped with cross bracings to ensure stability for convenient use. Moreover, these meat cutting tables have adjustable steel bullet feet to provide a flat working counter on uneven surfaces. Thanks to this solid and durable structure and adjustable feet, poly top tables will make excellent meat processing tables in your commercial kitchen.

Additionally, poly top tables come with two different designs as an open base or with an undershelf. The poly top tables with undershelf are equipped with stainless steel sturdy and large shelf under the poly top. This undershelf provides a large storing area for your dry ingredients at a convenient height to protect them from the wet floor. The shelf is also suitable to put small kitchen appliances to keep them in your reach. The open base poly top tables have a large cavity just underneath the counter, and you can store your boxes, ingredient bins, and trash cans or place your under-counter appliances. In addition to these, stainless steel butcher tables have models with backsplash risers to prevent the meat and other ingredients from falling off and preventing the splashes to your walls.

As Chef's Deal Commercial Restaurant Supply Store, we present a selection of high-quality poly top tables and butchering tables with NSF Listed models. Furthermore, we carry poly tables with varying depth and sizes to fit your kitchen layout and at reasonable prices to match your budget.