Wooden Work Tables

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  1. $1,253.70

    FINANCE FOR: $30.61/mo.

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  3. $2,199.00

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  4. $2,418.00

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  5. $1,924.20

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  6. $1,863.60

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  8. $2,769.00

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  9. $2,149.20

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  10. $2,715.00

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  11. $1,408.20

    FINANCE FOR: $34.38/mo.

  12. $1,714.20

    FINANCE FOR: $41.85/mo.

  13. $1,782.00

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  14. $1,372.80

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  15. $1,527.60

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  16. $2,785.80

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  17. $1,269.60

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  18. $1,289.40

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  19. $1,650.00

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  20. $1,857.60

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  21. $1,968.60

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  22. $2,085.00

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  23. $1,442.40

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  24. $1,969.80

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  25. $2,251.80

    FINANCE FOR: $54.97/mo.

  26. $2,404.80

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  27. $2,550.60

    FINANCE FOR: $62.27/mo.

  28. $1,347.60

    FINANCE FOR: $32.90/mo.

  29. $2,002.20

    FINANCE FOR: $48.88/mo.

  30. $2,175.00

    FINANCE FOR: $53.10/mo.

  31. $2,320.80

    FINANCE FOR: $56.66/mo.

  32. $1,500.00

    FINANCE FOR: $36.62/mo.

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Wooden Work Tables Bring Together Nice Looking and Functionality

Wooden work tables are appropriate selections thanks to their functionality and beautiful view in your commercial kitchen layout. These wood top work tables are essential for bakeries, pizzerias, deli shops, and restaurants with their wooden top, which presents a nice look and versatile use.

Wooden work tables feature a wooden top that is made of a maple tree. While its thickness ensures durability and offers long-term use, its edge grain presents a chic appearance. Additionally, the maple top of these commercial work tables is laminated and has a smooth, non-porous, scratch-resistant surface.

As for their supporting structures, these wood kitchen work tables are placed on a solid metal frame, which is made of stainless steel with 16 or 18 gauge options. Rising on four sturdy metal legs, wooden work tables are reinforced with horizontal metal supports, which increase the stability of these commercial tree tables.

These wood prep tables can be used as chopping boards while preparing the food and salad ingredients, while its smooth top provides a clean and even space for bread and dough kneading. The durable maple tops of wooden prep tables are also suitable for placing other restaurant equipment to save you some space in your kitchen.

Moreover, these wooden work tables offer open base types or with shelves to address your varying needs. The wooden shop tables with shelves provide extra room for your storage needs. With its galvanized durable structure and high clearance, wood top work tables can keep your pots, pans, or other large and tall pieces of equipment within your reach to facilitate and speed up your food prep.

The other option, wooden work tables with an open base, offers a large open space underneath the wooden top. As this space has sufficient height, it can be used to place your under-counter equipment without consuming more space from your kitchen layout. You will see its practicality when you place undercounter freezers, under-counter frigerators, or commercial ovens just under this wood top prep table.

Wooden work tables are alluring additions to your commercial kitchen inventory with their sleek look and durable wood top, which enables versatile use with chopping, cutting, kneading, and other food prep procedures. They are also safe for health with their hard laminated, scratch-resistant surface.