Commercial Countertops

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Commercial Countertops: Cut, Chop or Knead in the Same Space

Commercial countertops are significant necessities in the food business because food preparation requires various procedures ranging from chopping and slicing to kneading and mixing. Moreover, these processes must be carried on a hygienic, strong, and smooth surface to prevent contamination and injuries.

Commercial countertops are particularly manufactured to present robust commercial kitchen equipment so that you can trust the smooth workflow in your kitchen. You can safely cut meat, chop vegetables, slice bread, knead the dough, or mix ingredients by getting a restaurant countertop.

Features of Commercial Countertops

In commercial kitchens, industrial countertops are frequently used to carry out daily duties as they offer practicality and efficiency with thoughtfully designed features.

  • Commercial countertops are manufactured from high-quality materials and, thus, offer durability and sturdiness in commercial kitchen conditions.
  • Some commercial countertops feature backsplashes to prevent spills and facilitate cleaning.
  • These countertops offer clean surfaces which are safe for food preparation.

Types of Commercial Countertops

Commercial countertops are primarily made of stainless steel or solid wood, each of which offers advantages.

1. Stainless Steel Countertops

Metal countertops are widely used in the food industry, and most of these are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel as they offer long-term use, even in frequent and rigorous use. Stainless countertops will be instrumental for your business since they are designed particularly for commercial use.

  • Stainless steel kitchen counters are of great use with their non-porous and polished surface, which presents a hygienic and smooth area for food prep.
  • The polished surface also prevents bacteria growth when cleaned regularly.
  • Commercial stainless steel countertops are heat and rust-resistant; thus, they can be used to place hot pans or pots.

2. Solid Wood Countertops

Commercial grade wood countertops are manufactured from hard rock maple, which is one of the most sturdy woods around the world. As they are designed to provide a sturdy surface, they will allow you to cut meat or chop vegetables in a robust area. 


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