Commercial Wine Coolers

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Commercial Wine Coolers: Coolest Way to Serve and Store Wine

Commercial wine coolers are designed to store your wine and liquors in elegant storage under the most suitable conditions to entice customers to order and maximize their taste to boost customer satisfaction. However, wine coolers are available with different styles and features, which might be confusing for buyers to decide on the most appropriate option.

Commercial wine coolers are available with different styles and features. Initially, all wine and liquor serving establishments should identify their storage need, the intention of use, and available space to evaluate the suitable models. Then, you can select among the wine storage refrigerators by considering the capacity, shelving, door types, temperature range, exterior, and some other specific features.

Available Features of Commercial Wine Coolers

1. Capacity and Shelving

Commercial wine coolers are built in different sizes to store a varying number of bottles to fit your needs for your business. While stand alone wine fridges offer a larger capacity, under counter wine fridges are perfect for fitting them under the serving counters in the bars. Furthermore, you can find 30 bottle wine coolers for your smaller needs, while there are 200 bottle wine coolers that are also available for high-volume needs.

Besides, the position of the wine bottles during stocking is also of importance, and therefore, we carry various models of commercial wine coolers with different options. Many models have horizontal bottle racks, as horizontal storage is recommended for wine stocking. You can also find X-shaped commercial wine cooler fridges, which combine glamour and functionality.

2. Door Types

Commercial wine coolers come with mainly two door types: solid doors and glass doors. Solid door wine fridges feature better insulation, and therefore, they offer more energy efficiency and economical use. However, this type of wine chiller cabinet lacks visibility, and hence, these solid door wine refrigerators will be a better option as the main wine storage units at the back of the house.

Glass door wine refrigerators have glass doors to provide a see-through front to maintain the interior cold by lowering the door opening duration. They facilitate customers and personnels' perusing the wine bottles and labels inside. Additionally, these commercial wine refrigerators create a sleek design to attract your customers to have a look at the wine in your restaurant's inventory.

3. Temperature Range

As wine is vulnerable to too hot and cold in the ambient temperature, it requires a sensitive storage temperature range. As explained by MasterClass, wine should be stored at around 55°F to maintain its best taste. This temperature level may be slightly higher or lower depending on the wine type. All types are in need of specific storage conditions not to spoil. The commercial win coolers in our inventory are generally equipped with digital temperature controls and can provide cooling ranging from 36°F to 68°F, which can accommodate all kinds of wine. Moreover, you can opt to purchase dual zone wine coolers to store red and white wine at the same refrigerator at differint temperatures.

4. Exterior

Commercial wine coolers boast a sturdy construction with a stainless steel body to ensure long-term use. Furthermore, these commercial wine cooling units offer diverse finish options, among which you can select the best matching alternative for your decoration. Commercial wine coolers can be found with a black or pine exterior finish, which presents a sophisticated look. Or, you can prefer plain stainless steel finished models to place them in the back of the house.

5. Other Features

Commercial wine coolers are also furnished with LED lighting to create an alluring design inside the cabinet as well as to illuminate the whole cabinet for utmost visibility. Some tall wine fridges feature top backlit displays that show the "Wine" sign. In addition, you can also find commercial wine cooler models with NSF and Energy Star certification, while some models are designed with ADA compliance.


Chef's Deal has a long experience in commercial refrigeration equipment, including commercial wine coolers that we carry a large inventory from the leading brands. You can find Beverage-Air, Eurodib USA, True, and Summit commercial wine coolers at affordable prices. You may also want to look at our other bar refrigeration units for your restaurant.