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Restaurant storage and transport supplies refer to commercial food service businesses' organizational and transportation units. Restaurant storage and transport supplies provide an organized environment in the kitchen to facilitate employees' work and help them find necessities quickly. Read More

Storage Racks

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Commercial kitchen storage racks with wall-mounted or free-standing shelving and rack units are ideal for maximizing storage spaces.

Insulated Food Carriers & Beverage Dispensers

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Insulated food carriers and beverage dispensers provide proper and safe temperatures to keep and transport food and beverages.

Dinnerware Storage and Transport

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Dinnerware storage and transport tools enable you to store and collect flatware quickly.

Storage Cabinets

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You can safely increase service efficiency by providing a mobile storage cabinet.



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Lockers are crucial for gyms, restaurants, or offices. They provide individual sections for personnel to store their clothes, IDs, cell phones, or wallets.


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Restaurant Storage & Transport Supplies: Efficient Organization and Mobility  for Kitchens

Restaurant storage and transport supplies refer to commercial food service businesses' organizational and transportation units. Restaurant storage and transport supplies provide an organized environment in the kitchen to facilitate employees' work and help them find necessities quickly.

Your establishment's organizational and storage details will help you keep everything smooth and flawless, although the commercial kitchen equipment takes on most of the work. Therefore, restaurant transport and storage supplies are crucial necessities for every size of foodservice business, ranging from small-scale fast food restaurants to high-traffic restaurants, bakeries, and cafes.

What are The Available Restaurant Storage and Transport Supplies?

Restaurant storage and transport supplies offer a diverse product range to enable you to find the best and most suitable option for your needs to store or transport in a foodservice business. You can find them mainly in 8 categories:

  • Commercial Carts
  • Storage Racks
  • Restaurant Shelving
  • Truck&Dollies
  • Insulated Food Carries and Beverage Dispensers
  • Dinnerware Storage and Transport
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Lockers

1. Commercial Carts

Commercial carts are designed to transport heavy items, including dinnerware, plates, or commercial kitchen equipment, quickly and efficiently. These restaurant storage and transport supplies will save time and decrease your personnel's workload. Commercial carts are handy and sturdy units with their construction made from high-quality plastic or stainless steel. Among the available commercial carts, you can find the following 8 product categories:

  • Serving Carts
  • Beverage Carts
  • Tray Carts & Dispensers
  • Utility Carts and Bus Carts
  • Food Prep Carts
  • Merchandising Carts
  • Meal Delivery Carts
  • Mobile Condiment Carts

2. Restaurant Storage Racks

Restaurant storage racks help you create an organized storage design in a commercial facility. In contrast, the restaurant shelving on wheels offers mobility for pans, trays, or plated meals with the utmost convenience and practicality.

Food storage shelves and racks are built to hold a high volume of industrial products and enable convenient access for storage and retrieval. Various storage rack types have different functions and purposes of providing a safe and reliable unit to keep bulk ingredients, cooking tools, or large commercial kitchen equipment. You can check the following 10 product categories to find the best model for your needs:

  • Dunnage Racks
  • Commercial Dishwasher Racks
  • Drying Racks
  • Plate, Pot & Pan Racks
  • Can Storage Racks
  • Sheet Pan Racks
  • Utility Racks
  • Tray Racks
  • Keg Racks
  • Wire Security Cages

3. Restaurant Shelving

Restaurant shelving helps keep your equipment clean and tidy to make your daily operations smoother. Choosing and applying the right restaurant storage and transport supplies for your industrial and commercial facility enhances the efficiency of your workflow. Manufactured from robust materials, restaurant shelving products offer 6 product categories for long-lasting use with different designs, allowing you to make the most out of the available space in your kitchen.

  • Restaurant Shelves
  • Mounted Shelving
  • Wire Shelving Units
  • Heavy-Duty Shelving Units
  • Boat Racks
  • Commercial Wine Racks

4. Trucks and Dollies

Restaurant storage and transport supplies are also available to move and carry heavy and large equipment or packages in your establishment. When you need to carry a bag of flour or a large pack of beverages from the delivery truck to the main storage, using trucks and dollies makes the job simple and greatly reduces the risk of injuries at your business. Most commercial kitchens need to move or carry huge objects from one location to another. These restaurant storage and transport supplies are also configured for different purposes, and you can check the following 11 categories to find the one that suits your needs.

  • Hand Trucks
  • Utility Dollies
  • Platform Trucks
  • Chair and Table Dollies & Carts
  • Motorized Tugs and Carts
  • Keg Dollies
  • Dish Dollies & Dish Carts
  • Glass Rack Dollies
  • Bun Pan Trucks & Dollies
  • Flat Shelf Trucks
  • Tray Dollies

5. Insulated Food Carriers

Insulated food carriers are specially designed and insulated catering transport containers to safely transfer hot food and beverages in your establishment or to an outdoor location to hold an open-air event. These catering supplies are perfect for efficiently transferring hot food pans without the risk of spilling, cooling, or burning. Insulated restaurant storage and transport supplies help you maintain the best temperature and texture of foods even during and after the transportation until the service.

6. Dinnerware Storage and Transport

Dinnerware storage and transport items are frequently needed by catering businesses to transport plates, utensils, and flatware. Bus tubes are required to store or transport dinnerware, while flatware organizers are ideal for storing dishes. Pre-soak flatware storage is designed for storing glassware and flatware after loading and unloading the dishwashers.

7. Restaurant Storage Cabinets and Lockers

Durably constructed stainless steel restaurant storage cabinets provide a safe place for dinnerware to keep the kitchen organized and your utensils and dinnerware easily accessible.


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