Washdown Hose Station

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Ensure The Sanitation Easily With Washdown Hose Stations

Washdown hose stations are mixing stations that blend cold and hot water or steam and cold water. With this mixture and high-pressure water flow, it is possible to carry out cleaning tasks more efficiently. Washdown systems have widespread applications in many industries, including but not limited to food and beverage, industrial cleaning, and pharmaceuticals.

These mixing stations are composed of a wall-mounted base, valves, a thermometer, a hose, and a water gun. The components are often finished with durable material like stainless steel to prevent rust formation and resist wear and tear. They fit in any wall indoors or a building side outdoors. Wall-mounting style with a hose rack or a hook helps keep a washdown hose safe from foot traffic or damage by equipment working on the floor. For instance, some models, T&S Brass MV-0771-12R Washdown System, even feature a recessed cabinet, with only the hose protruding from the wall.

The mixing valve in a washdown hose station combines cold water with steam or hot water at a user-determined temperature. The hose fastened to a spray nozzle delivers pressurized water for improved sanitation conditions. The high-powered washing capability of a mixing station can improve sanitation in commercial kitchens. Traditional bucket and mop type of cleaning are open to cross-contamination. Plus, it is hard to make sure no microorganisms or detergent residue was left on kitchenware. A washdown hose station can clean dirty surfaces or bulky pots and food processing machinery more easily and effectively.

Washdown hose stations come in different configurations. You can choose a single temperature hose station with one inlet or a hot and cold water mixing station offering greater control over temperature regulation. Globe handles or 4-arm handles are generally color-coded for ease of use. Hose length is also your preference.


Whether you wish to establish a washdown system or add accessories to your existing one, Chef's Deal offers what you need. You may also want to check out the washdown hose station parts.