Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables

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Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables: Timeless Freshness

Sandwich and salad prep tables are versatile commercial refrigeration equipment designed to provide a safe and functional space to prepare salads and sandwiches. These salad and sandwich prep tables are, in fact, a combined commercial kitchen utility that merges a working counter, embedded refrigerated food storage, and an undercounter refrigerator.

Sandwich and salad prep tables primarily serve to streamline the sandwich or salad assembly with its intelligent features and contribute to the growth and profitability of your business by maximizing customer satisfaction. Thus, whether you run a convenience store selling sandwiches or a large-scale commercial kitchen serving thousands of salads and sandwiches a day, sandwich and salad prep tables will be a great addition to your establishment.

You can place the sauces, toppings, pre-made products, herbs, or other ingredients that will go into the sandwiches or salads in the food pans and put them into the refrigerated food holding point. Hence, you can always reach the ingredients without going to the central refrigeration. Additionally, the sandwich prep fridge will provide a safe space to store the extra stocks.

Features of Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables

Sandwich and salad prep tables are precisely designed for efficient salad and sandwich preparation, and so they are equipped with well-thought features that will facilitate and accelerate the process.

  • Sandwich prep coolers are made from stainless steel and boast a sturdy construction that will withstand the conditions of commercial kitchens.
  • Commercial sandwich and salad prep tables have separate food holding cabinets which are also refrigerated through air circulation to keep the pre-cut and pre-made ingredients, veggies, or herbs fresh and safe for consumption.
  • Refrigerated sandwich prep tables quicken the assembly process by keeping all the necessary ingredients within your easy reach.
  • Some salad and sandwich station models also have a large working space on the top to enable you to chop, slice, or grate the ingredients or assemble the salads and sandwich orders. It’s possible to extend the working space with an additional epoxy cutting board.
  • The built-in cooler of the sandwich and salad refrigerators offers ample space to keep you stocked with the necessary ingredients, sauce, and condiments to keep them free from bacteria growth and mold while allowing you to catch up with the orders rapidly.
  • Some sandwich salad prep tables with refrigerated bases are also equipped with caster wheels to enable you to move them around the commercial kitchen or transfer it to the other event locations.

Available Features for Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables

Sandwich and salad prep tables are available in various configurations to perfectly match your layout and meet your needs. Firstly, sandwich prep refrigerators can be found in different sizes ranging from 24 and 27-inch sandwich prep tables to the larger 48 sandwich prep tables and the 60-inch sandwich prep tables up to 93inch.

Additionally, they have different access types, including drawer swinging doors or combined models. You can make a selection among the 1, 2, or 3 door prep fridges for smaller needs, while there are larger models with up to 6 doors. The drawer number also starts from two and increases up to 6.


Chef’s Deal provides a wide selection of sandwich and salad prep tables as a reliable restaurant supply store with a large inventory of commercial refrigeration units. You can find the high-quality and top-of-the-line True sandwich prep tables, Atosa sandwich prep tables, Turbo Air sandwich prep tables, and many others from the industry’s leading vendors. You may also want to see our other refrigerated prep tables for your establishment.