Gas Pasta Cookers

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Is it time to upgrade your pasta game? Then, you should consider getting a proper pasta cooker for your restaurant. Whatever food serving business you run, a commercial pasta cooker is a must to serve better to your customers. Here at Chef’s Deal, we offer a wide range of commercial gas pasta cooker types to choose from to help you grow your business.


Discover The Best Pasta Cooker for Your Business


The kitchen of every food serving business is different from the other. Especially, size and design are two of many other criteria when you decide to equip your kitchen with some commercial appliances. Thus, before you purchase a gas pasta cooker, you have to consider some factors. Here, we listed some of them for you:


  • When purchasing a gas pasta boiler, water capacity is one of the most significant considerations. Because it shows the capacity of how much pasta you can cook at once. If you run a small business, then a pasta cooker that holds 2 or 3 gallons of water would be enough. If you run a big restaurant, on the other hand, a floor model that holds 12 gallons of water would be a better idea.
  • Besides the water capacity, the number of vats matters, too. Especially, if you run a busy restaurant, you might need more than one vat. Moreover, different vats help you cook more than one product at once.
  • Many pasta cooker gas types offer computerized controls. The controller helps timing the cook operation. Thus, choosing a pasta cooker with a controller might be a better idea.
  • Gas pasta cookers operate using liquid propane or natural gas. Whether you get one operating with LP or natural gas depends on your restaurant’s needs.


Outfit Your Kitchen With Chef’s Deal


If you are looking for a gas pasta cooker for restaurant, then you’re in the right place. At Chef’s Deal, you can find different brands’ products from Imperial gas pasta cooker to Pitco pasta cooker. Meaning that you can outfit your kitchen with the best brands in the industry if you purchase kitchen equipment at Chef’s Deal.


Besides, there is always a commercial pasta cooker for sale option at Chef’s Deal that will help you pay without getting over your budget. So, whether you need a pasta cooker or a gas noodle cooker, you can find it right away. Make your choice among Imperial, Electrolux, Anets and Pitco gas pasta cooker types now!