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If you are searching for the best Commercial bottle cooler, you’ve come to the right place! Bottle coolers are ideal for stylishly storing beverages in bars and pubs. There are several types of commercial bottle coolers which makes it easier for you to find the perfect fit for your restaurant or bar. While keeping the beverages at the optimum temperatures ready to serve a commercial bottle cooler also creates an eye-catching impressive background in your bar or restaurant. Here on Chef’s Deal, you’ll find a restaurant bar bottle cooler with solid doors that improves insulation. 


Bottle Coolers that Suit Your Every Need!


When there is a wide range of bar bottle cooler models, choosing the one that meets your needs can be tricky. Generally, a bottle cooler differs from another with its design, size, and capacity. Therefore, think about all those factors when you are buying a new bottle cooler refrigerator. To start with, carefully measure the space you want to place your new restaurant bottle cooler. When planning a space for your new bottle cooler, consider the placement of the compressors on it as well. You have the option to choose a model with a bottom-mounted compressor or side-mounted compressor. 


The size of a bottle cooler is usually heavily related to its capacity. As the measurements of the bottle cooler increases, the capacity tends to increase as well. You can find a double door bottle cooler or a 3 door bottle cooler that has 26 - 32 cu ft capacity. Whether you want to buy a 2, 3 door bottle cooler, it can also be an under counter bottle cooler since most models have doors on top. The exterior finish of a horizontal bottle cooler may come as all stainless steel or as an all-black exterior. We assure you both will look great in your place! 


Check Out Our Large Selection of Bottle Coolers!


In our catalog, you’ll encounter some of the top brands in the field of kitchen equipment. Moreover, if you are tired of searching for a bottle cooler price that doesn’t exceed your budget, we have a bottle cooler for sale that meets your needs. While buying a high-quality Krowne, Beverage Air, Turbo Air bottle cooler, you don’t need to worry about your budget. A Turbo Air bottle cooler with its sleek all-black exterior or a True Bottle Cooler that has a bottom-mounted compressor might be the new addition to your place. Don’t decide without taking a look at a Beverage Air Bottle cooler or a Krowne bottle cooler for your bar or restaurant!


We know sometimes it might be overwhelming to choose the right equipment when there are so many choices to make. But relax, we are here for you! Whether you want to discuss how to pick a bottle cooler or our financing options, you can contact us by calling our toll-free call centerline or write by using the ChefsBot on our website. We’ll gladly help you with any issue that comes up in your mind while you are shopping in Chef’s Deal.