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Bottle Coolers: Store Your Beer and Other Beverages Cold  

Bottle coolers are perfect bar refrigeration equipment to keep a large amount of beer, wine, or water bottles chilled and ready to serve. Particularly the bars, concession stands, outdoor banquets need to serve high numbers of bottled or canned drinks in a shorter period of time. Hence, these businesses and events require a large commercial drink cooler to store and chill beer and other beverages. These horizontal bottle coolers bring the right solution for this need, and they are of smart design to address the various needs of drink-serving businesses.

Features of Bottle Coolers

1. Varying Capacity

Commercial beer coolers offer a wide range of capacities to address differing storage needs. You can find small compact bottle chillers with three cubic feet interior, which can handle up to 96 bottles at once. Or you may opt to purchase a refrigeration beast featuring 96-inches width and 720-bottle capacity.

2. Exterior Finish

Bottle coolers come with mainly three exterior finish options. While the stainless bottle coolers present a commercial look, they offer more resistance in the heavy conditions of commercial areas. The black bottle coolers are of attractive design and stylish look, which will match the bar decoration. There are also models with the wrapped exterior to provide an eye-catching design for more customers.

3. Refrigeration

Bottle coolers are generally designed to run between 32-38 °F to preserve the drinks' chill for the maximum taste of the customers. In addition, there're also low-temperature models which can operate below 30 °F (down to 23 °F) to maintain the stability of the interior cold even against the numerous openings of the doors. Furthermore, these types of bottle coolers can enable you to serve frosty drinks at your customers' desire.

4. Mobility

Some horizontal beverage coolers are equipped with caster wheels to allow you to transfer the bottle cooler for mobile and outdoor events and services.

Advantages of Bottle Coolers

Since bottle coolers are designed considering the needs of bars, restaurants, and catering services, they bring remarkable advantages as follows:

  • Bottle coolers keep you supplied with cold beer, wine, soda, water, and other drinks, which will be sufficient even for crowded services and organizations.
  • This commercial refrigeration equipment has top lids, and these top-load beverage refrigerators facilitate loading and serving for your staff and bartenders.
  • These bottle chillers have sturdy construction with stainless steel, and thus, they can operate in the commercial areas for more extended periods.
  • Their powerful cooling systems provide enough and stable refrigeration, which will allow you to serve cold drinks all the time.


Chef's Deal, one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment and bottle cooler suppliers, presents a large inventory of commercial drink coolers from the leading and reliable vendors. You can find True, Fogel, Beverage-Air, Continental Refrigerator, Turbo Air, and other beer coolers in our extensive selection.