Grease Interceptors

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Prevent the Cloggings With High-Quality Grease Interceptors

Grease interceptors are crucial commercial dishwashing equipment to prevent clogging in the plumbing system. They are mainly designed to function as a part of the drainage system of large commercial kitchens.

Operating like a higher-volume grease trap, restaurant grease interceptors can handle from 4 gallons per minute (small capacity) to 500 gallons per minute (heavy duty) of water flow and have 8 to 1000 lb grease capacity. It would help determine how much capacity you need for a grease interceptor for your commercial kitchen. Therefore, if you run a busy restaurant, you should opt to purchase and install a grease catcher to efficiently separate oil and other sediments.


Chef's Deal retains large and top-notch grease interceptors from reliable brands Dormont and Klinger's Trading.