Medical Refrigeration

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Why Do You Need Medical Refrigeration Units

Medical Refrigeration is a special form of refrigeration produced for the storage needs of medical clinics and scientific laboratories. These specialty refrigeration units are set apart from their household and commercial counterparts by several features, and they are vital to the survival of medical establishments. CDC guidelines specifically require the use of medical refrigeration units to ensure the safety of the products and the public. 

Apart from the CDC guideline requirements, there are many reasons why owning a good medical refrigeration unit will help you. 

  • Temperature control systems are very delicate in medical refrigeration units. While regular units might have fluctuations ranging from 4 to 6 degrees, medical refrigeration keeps it to a minimum. Constant temperature is crucial to the preservation of medical materials. 
  • Self-closing doors and open door alerts are some of the safety features found in medical refrigerators and medical freezers. These installments ensure that the doors aren’t left open and that if they’re left open, they’ll be noticed as soon as possible because open doors can ruin the cooling system of the medical refrigeration unit and endanger your products.
  • Shelves with gaps are standard features of medical refrigeration products since air can circulate properly. Good circulation will make sure each product in the unit is cooled or frozen evenly. 
  • Medical refrigeration has financial benefits in the long run. Since these units will preserve your products better, you will lose less of them due to storage issues and such. Utilizing improper refrigeration products may result in the loss of vaccines and other medical supplies and endanger public health. So, it is safe to claim that medical refrigeration is the financially rewarding and healthy path to choose.

Medical Refrigeration Units

Medical refrigeration units are divided into two sections; medical refrigerators and medical freezers. Both are necessary for medical settings and bring unique services to your business. 

  • Medical refrigerators operate between35 to 46 °F and are used to store chemicals and biological products that need to be stored in this range. You can invest in an under-counter model based on your space or a big two-door model that could offer a large capacity. Ensure that the staff doesn’t use these refrigerators to store their food or any other edibles. While the food might get affected by the medical products, it is also possible that the constant use of these units might influence the internal temperature. 
  • Medical freezers can operate at various temperatures ranging from -58 to 5 °F. This wide range allows for the long-term preservation of many different products. With the digital settings, you can easily set the required temperature and ensure the medical products are protected safely in these medical refrigeration units. These units also have under-counter models to fit your space or larger models for more capacity. A medical freezer is essential for preserving vaccines and shouldn’t be neglected. 

Brands You Can Trust For Medical Refrigeration

Accucold and Summit are incredible brands that work in the medical refrigeration markets. They have been producing such products since 1969, and you are bound to find a medical refrigeration unit that matches your needs thanks to their help. Whether it is the capacity or the exterior design, Accucold and Summit will have models that will meet your needs.