Food Truck Hood Systems

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Food Trucks Hood Systems Keep Your Business Safe From Health Hazards And Fire Risks

If you are running a food truck business, a food truck hood system is a must-have for the cooking equipment on your concession trailer. The smoke, heat, steam, and grease-laden vapor generated by the cooking equipment pose serious health hazards and fire risks. These vapors will start building up on your trailer's surfaces, creating unsanitary conditions. They will also drip on food and food contact surfaces. A food truck hood system keeps away all these substances, risks, and foul odors, providing a cleaner environment and a more pleasant dining experience.

Benefits Of Food Truck Hood Systems

The food truck business is gaining popularity, as it is less pricy to purchase, design, and operate versus a restaurant. The lure of much lower start-up and management costs means entering the foodservice industry with minimum financial risks. Yet, you may still face hefty fines and food safety concerns if you don't install a proper food truck hood system. Food truck vent hood systems ensure several benefits for your business.

  • Grease collected on surfaces is among the most dangerous combustibles. Using a food truck hood system with fire suppression devices will minimize fire risks.
  • Your business will be protected against strict local/national fire and health regulations.
  • A food truck ventilation system will filter out the contaminants and unpleasant smells outside your concession trailer and balance the air inside the truck. Thus, you'll have a cleaner and safer cooking and dining environment.
  • The food truck business is on the wheels outdoors, meaning you may encounter problems due to unfavorable weather conditions. A food truck hood system can minimize these problems.
  • The sloped canopy design of food truck hood vent systems fits well into low-ceiling workspaces. They require minimum clearance, creating a comfortable working area in tight places.
  • Food truck hood systems attract grease-laden vapors and pollutants in the air, which are then funneled into a trough. Cleaning the trough regularly keeps your truck and the environment safe and clean.
  • Grease accumulated on the interior of your concession trailer can damage the surfaces and cause a messy look, driving away potential customers. This isn't an issue with a food truck hood system.
  • Cooking processes generate heat and increase the ambient temperatures. Ventilation helps balance the temperature inside your food truck.

Things You Need To Know Before Installing A Food Truck Hood System

Running a concession trailer is impossible without a food truck hood system. Neither chefs can reveal their talents not diners can take joy in eating in a limited space heavy with vapor and smoke. You need an efficient ventilation system to take care of this problem. Here are a few things to consider while buying an exhaust hood system for food trucks.

  • Food truck hoods systems are subject to strict health and fire regulations. Therefore, it is vital to know the regulatory specifications set by your local authorities. There may be different codes about the position of the hood system, its distance from other equipment on the truck, and its clearance to the cookers. A food truck hood system with fire suppression is a requirement in many states.
  • Hood systems mainly fall into two categories. If you're cooking with oils, fats, or grease, you should be using a Type I hood because Type II hoods don't contain a grease filter since they're only for collecting heat and moisture. Food truck hood systems must be Type I.
  • Ergonomics is always essential for an efficient mobile kitchen, no matter the equipment. You need to get correct measurements of the physical dimensions of your facility. You also need to outline how you intend to use the interior space. After all these decisions, you can choose a commercial kitchen hood that matches your expectations. If not, you can also buy a customized model.
  • Finally, you need a reliable manufacturer. There are several brands, each with expertise and experience in different ventilation systems.


Running a concession trailer is a profitable business only if operated properly. The food truck hood system is at the core of this business. For maximum efficiency and safety in your mobile kitchen, equip it with a hood system at Chef's Deal.