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Batch Freezers: Easiest and Fastest Way to Large Volume Ice Cream Production

Batch freezers are indispensable for food businesses that prepare and serve large quantities of frozen treats such as ice cream, Italian gelato, sorbet, and sherbet. These cold desserts must be prepared with the right equipment and ingredients to present an attractive appearance and delicious taste as energizing snacks and tasty refreshments. Ice cream batch freezers, a type of commercial ice cream maker, are particularly designed for this, and they will upgrade your ice cream and frozen dessert to a higher level.  

What is a Batch Freezer?

Batch freezers, also called commercial hard ice cream makers, have three main parts of preparing the best ice and smoothest ice creams. After the base or ingredient mix is poured into the barrel, the spinning blades inside the barrel start to work and whip the base. Simultaneously, the cooling mechanism surrounding the barrel through pipes lowers the interior temperature to freezingly cold levels. At the same time, the air is blown into the mix to create the typical smooth texture of the ice creams and other frozen treats.

Advantages of Batch Freezers

Batch freezers or commercial hard ice cream makers are smartly designed to work in variously sized restaurants, ice cream parlors, cafes, and other food establishments. Therefore, these batch ice cream makers offer;

  • Durability with their robust stainless steel construction and powerful cooling mechanism,
  • Practicality with digital controls and automated program options,
  • Functionality for loading, blending, and unloading,
  • Easy to clean and assemble the design to facilitate cleaning and maintenance,
  • Adjustable air control for varying overrun options,
  • Faster production of large-volume frozen desserts and ice cream,
  • Consistent product taste and quality.

Features of Batch Freezers

Batch freezers come in various sizes and capacities, among which you can make the most suitable selection depending on your business and sales volume. Generally, low-volume batch ice cream makers can serve 5 quarts of product at a time, and large batch ice cream makers can produce up to 30 quarts.

Additionally, batch freezers use mainly two different types of cooling: Air and water. Air-cooled batch freezers use the air to freeze the mix in the barrel. The water-cooled batch freezers circulate cooled water in the pipes to decrease the temperature in the barrel. While the air-cooled systems only need a dedicated electrical outlet for running, the water-cooled units also require water drainage. In addition, the air-cooled systems produce hot air while the water-cooled systems do not.


As an authorized and experienced dealer of restaurant hotel supplies, Chef's Deal carries an exclusive selection of batch freezers. You can find ElectroFreeze, Eurodib USA, and Saniserv batch freezers, which will enhance your ice cream, gelato, sorbet, sherbet, and frozen yogurt production and boost your sales with an enriched menu of refreshingly cold snacks and desserts. You can also check out our other ice cream makers and ice cream freezers.