Pot / Kettle Filler Faucets

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Pot Filler Faucets Help Your Staff Save Time And Energy

Commercial kitchens are bustling workspaces with multiple tasks. Each requires a specific piece of equipment for ease of use and increased performance. A pot filler faucet, also known as a kettle filler faucet, mounts near a stove or range and dispenses cold water to fill pots and kettles. The flexible and functional design of pot/kettle filler faucets saves food employees from carrying bulky containers back and forth to the sinks around the kitchen.

Benefits of Pot Filler Faucets

Outfitting your kitchen with a pot filler faucet lets you fill pots and kettles directly on your cooking equipment. Here are the primary benefits of having a kettle filler faucet.

  • A pot filler faucet swings out with its jointed arms or reaches the far ends of your range with a hose attachment. Your employees can focus on their culinary skills, spending less time filling pots.
  • Water can get heavier, particularly in bulky containers. Filling heavy-duty pots right on the stove instead of carrying them across the kitchen reduces physical strain.
  • A pot filler faucet can increase multitasking, minimizing travel between sinks and the stove. The flow rate is also faster than standard faucets. Thus, employees can have more time for other tasks, especially during business pikes.
  • Pot filler faucets reduce the mess in a kitchen, freeing up more space in sinks for cleaning and food prep tasks. Fewer trips with filled pots can also reduce the likelihood of water spills.

Tips for Buying Pot Filler Faucets

The first thing to bear in mind is the mount type. Deck-mount pot filler faucets are easier to install and repair in case of a leak. On the other hand, wall-mount pot filler faucets are installed in any wall with appropriate plumbing. As you can mount them at any height in your wall, they can offer larger clearance.

The next step is the spout type. Standard swing/swivel spout turns right and left, providing ease of use while filling your containers. However, they may fail to extend to the farther burners. In that case, it would be better to prefer a double joint nozzle, which can be tucked away when not in use. A flexible hose of varying lengths with a self-closing valve hook means covering all the burners on your cooking surface.

Finally, carefully check the faucet centers for the proper installation of your pot filler. Centers signify the distance between the holes your kettle filler will fix. You need to drill the holes based on the center measurements provided by the manufacturer. You can also get a kitchen pot filler with adjustable centers to gain installation flexibility.

Pot/Kettle filler faucets let your employees use more of their energy preparing food rather than filling pots. You may also want to check out other commercial faucets tyes at Chef’s Deal to add a practical and sleek touch to your kitchen.