Commercial Food Processors

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Commercial Food Processors: Effortless Excellence and Versatility

Commercial food processors are versatile food prep equipment for quickly and efficiently processing large quantities of ingredients. Staff in restaurant kitchens perform repetitive tasks of chopping, slicing, mixing, pureeing, grating, or dicing food items. Commercial food processing equipment has powerful motors, easy-to-use controls, multipurpose features, and attachments to handle these tasks faster and less effortlessly. Here are the 6 types of restaurant food processors commonly used in foodservice establishments.

Features of Commercial Food Processors

Commercial food processors are manufactured to handle arduous and time-consuming tasks in a commercial kitchen; therefore, they are designed with convenient features to provide you utmost benefit.

  • Professional food processors are built to last with high-quality and sturdy materials. They feature metal housing to resist harsh commercial working conditions, and both the aluminum and stainless steel food processors are suitable for commercial use, and they will be a reliable partner in your business.
  • These units are classified as light-duty or heavy-duty food processors, and depending on the volume of your business, you can choose suitable models. Light-duty models are designed for small-scale use, while the others are large food processors that can handle the tasks in a busy restaurant.
  • Food and vegetable processors can be furnished with various functions with the proper attachments. Thus, you can diversify their use into different tasks and functions with additional accessories.
  • Commercial-grade food processors have enhanced security measures, offering safer use even for your new staff with limited training and experience.

Advantages of Commercial Food Processors

  • Commercial food processors will remarkably shorten your food prep time by accelerating the tiresome duties of chopping, cutting, or grating and streamlining your workflow for a rapid service.
  • The fast food prep time will enable you to focus on the cooking and service process to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • The accelerated food prep will save you labor which you can allocate for other duties.
  • You can handle various tasks like mixing cream, pureeing potatoes, whipping sauces, or blending soups with a restaurant food processor.
  • They provide consistent thickness, texture, slices, and cuts of your ingredients, which will help you standardize your taste and flavor.
  • Getting a commercial food processor like the Robot Coupe food processor will save you money, time, and effort for more jobs.

Types of Commercial Food Processors

Buying a commercial food processor shortens food prep times, saves labor, and provides taste consistency. They vary in configuration, just like the food preparation processes in a pizza shop, restaurant, or food truck. Commercial food processors have 6 types aligning with your operational requirements and enhancing efficiency in your kitchen.

  • Barch Bowl
  • Continuous Feed
  • Combination
  • Vertical cutter
  • Buffalo Chopper
  • Microprocessors

1. Batch Bowls Food Processor

These commercial food processors consist of a large bowl with a motorized base and interchangeable attachments. Bowl capacities range from a few to 25 quarts. Some have additional features like the patented LiquiLock® Seal System in Waring food processors for mixing liquids with no risk of spills. Batch bowl processors are widely preferred in:

  • Restaurants for preparing sauces, dressings, purees, and dough.
  • Catering companies for handling large quantities of ingredients for events.
  • Cafeterias for preparing bulk recipes like soups, sauces, and dips.

2. Continuous Feed Food Processors

A continuous feed chute allows operators to keep adding ingredients while the processor runs, removing the need to stop and reload the machine for each batch. Some brands, like the Robot Coupe commercial food processors, also have portable floor models to guarantee higher volumes and speeds. Continuous feed processors are ideal for:

  •  the following busy salad bars, sandwich shops, cafeterias, and pizza parlors to provide a constant supply of sliced and shredded vegetables, cheeses, and meats.
  • High-volume restaurants and large catering operations to maintain consistency while processing significant amounts of ingredients.
  • Institutional kitchens and food production facilities to serve bigger crowds and prepare pre-packaged menus.

3. Combination Commercial Food Processors

These commercial food processors incorporate features from batch bowls and continuous feed types. They are designed to perform multiple tasks, making them suitable for the following businesses requiring greater flexibility and efficiency.

  • Fine-dining restaurants, upscale catering companies, and high-end cafes with diverse menus, from soups and sandwiches to baked goods and specialty beverages.
  • Big hotels with multiple dining outlets, banquet stations, and room service.
  • Gourmet pizzerias and specialty bakeries with custom pizza toppings and pastry fillings.

4. Vertical Cutter Mixers

Unlike traditional commercial food processors, these machines have a vertical bowl design, combining the functionalities of processors and mixers. They are much larger, with bowl capacities reaching 75 quarts, and more powerful with up to 16 HP motors. Their speed, high-volume processing, and versatility make them ideal for:

  • Catering companies and central kitchens preparing ingredients for multiple locations and events.
  • Food production facilities and industrial and institutional kitchens producing packaged dishes in bulk.
  • Bakeries mixing and blending ingredients for batters, fillings, and dough.

5. Buffalo Choppers

Commercial food processors with a large, rotating bowl and a cutting blade assembly at the bottom are known as buffalo choppers or bowl cutters. Bowl capacities go up to 80 quarts, and HP ratings up to 20 to handle tough and dense ingredients like meats and root vegetables. They are mostly preferred in:

  • Butcher shops, delis, and meat processing plants to chop and mince meat for sausages, ground meat, and other products.
  • Meal prep services and food production facilities to produce dips, condiments, and pre-packaged meal kits in large batches.

6. Microprocessors

Microprocessors are commercial food processors specifically designed for micro-pureeing frozen or fresh products into super-fine textures. They are perfect for preparing delicious desserts in:

  • Fine-dining restaurants, clubs, and holiday resorts that serve innovative and visually appealing treats with creamy and silky textures.
  • Dessert shops and ice cream parlors that deliver ice creams, sorbets, gelatos, and other frozen desserts in different flavors.

Food Processors Maintenance

Commercial food processors are made of stainless steel and durable materials, lasting up to ten years. Food processors don’t require so much maintenance since the motor of the unit is sealed, But you can do some primary care to boost the performance and lengthen your equipment’s life by:

  • Washing the bowls
  • Using the appropriate food pusher
  • Replacing the blades and discs when they become dull
  • Avoiding overloaded the machine.


Chef’s Deal presents all these commercial food processors in various configurations. Shop from reputable brands, Electrolux Professional, Omcan USA, Sammic, and more. You can also browse our other food prep equipment for an efficient kitchen.