4 Compartment Sinks

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Commercial 4-Compartment Sinks: Soak, Wash, Rinse And Sanitize Easily

A 4-compartment sink is the most oversized compartment sink and the most resourceful. You can soak, wash, rinse, and sanitize all your dinnerware, glassware, or large pots in a single unit. With each bowl designated to the different steps of the warewashing process, commercial 4-compartment sinks are perfect for the busiest and largest restaurant kitchens. Although they occupy larger space, their versatility will improve the workflow in your kitchen.

Distinctive Features of 4-Compartment Sinks

Continuous use of hot water and cleaning substances necessitate using robust materials in the construction. A 4-compartment stainless steel sink is the standard model in the market, but the grade of the steel may change. You will see 300 or 400 stainless steel series. Although they are both remarkably durable, type 304 is known to have more resistance to corrosion. You may also see variations in the thickness of the steel used in the construction. The lower the gauge is, the thicker the steel.

Industrial kitchens are hectic workplaces with lots of heavy-duty utensils. The rush and the large dimensions of a 4-compartment sink pave the way for accidents. The raised rolled edges on the front and sides provide safer use and prevent water from splashing on the floor. The backsplashes and the galvanized steel legs with adjustable feet help customize the sink height. The backsplashes also feature pre-punched holes to accommodate faucets. A 4-compartment sink with drainboards means extra room for sorting out and air-drying the dishes before and after the manual washing process.

How to Use a 4-Compartment Sink?

Cleaning dishes in 4-compartment sinks are a more efficient version of the 3-sink method. It’s essential to use each compartment only for the designated purpose to prevent cross-contamination.

  1. Use the first compartment to soak the dishes in hot water to remove the food scraps easily.
  2. Wash them with detergent water in the second compartment.
  3. The third compartment is for rinsing.
  4. Dip the dishes into the sanitizing solution in the fourth compartment.
  5. Place the clean dishes on the drainboard to air-dry them.

Playing fast and loose with sanitation can cause all your staff’s efforts to go down the drain. You can get a 4-compartment sink for your busy kitchen for kitchenware neat as a pin. You may also want to check other commercial sinks and their parts and accessories at Chef’s Deal.