Base Cabinets

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  1. $1,036.00

    FINANCE FOR: $25.29/mo.

  2. $2,080.80

    FINANCE FOR: $50.80/mo.

  3. $2,394.00

    FINANCE FOR: $58.44/mo.

  4. $1,914.60

    FINANCE FOR: $46.74/mo.

  5. $1,887.60

    FINANCE FOR: $46.08/mo.

  6. $9,737.50

    FINANCE FOR: $237.72/mo.

  7. $1,980.60

    FINANCE FOR: $48.35/mo.

  8. $3,390.60

    FINANCE FOR: $82.77/mo.

  9. $2,546.00

    FINANCE FOR: $62.16/mo.

  10. $1,695.60

    FINANCE FOR: $41.39/mo.

  11. $2,003.40

    FINANCE FOR: $48.91/mo.

  12. $2,158.20

    FINANCE FOR: $52.69/mo.

  13. $1,618.20

    FINANCE FOR: $39.51/mo.

  14. $2,143.20

    FINANCE FOR: $52.32/mo.

  15. $2,289.00

    FINANCE FOR: $55.88/mo.

  16. $1,662.50

    FINANCE FOR: $40.59/mo.

  17. $1,662.50

    FINANCE FOR: $40.59/mo.

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Secure Your Operations and Workflow With Base Cabinets

Base cabinets serve as the safe supports for the various items in your commercial kitchen. Safety is the number 1 priority in cafes, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and other food-serving establishments. Thus, it is significant to place the kitchen tools and appliances on a sturdy base, and more than that, you can secure your workflow and operations even through a full business day. The base cabinets we carry for your consideration are also suitable for use with the Zummo commercial juicers and the Electrolux countertop equipment.  

These commercial kitchen base cabinets are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure more extended use in the heavy conditions in a busy restaurant kitchen. They also feature a Scotch-Brite finish to resist scratches.

The base cabinets that are compatible with the Zummo commercial juicers are equipped with caster wheels as well. Hence, they can be easily moved around, and you can take them to any place where you need them to present a fresh, tasty fruit juice for your customers. These kitchen base cabinets have ample storage space with drawers. Thanks to the sealed bases underneath the top, it is possible to keep almost any utensil, tool, or necessary equipment in these base cabinets with drawers.

The base cabinets designed to accommodate the Electrolux kitchen appliances and professional countertop equipment have strong stainless steel feet. These feet can be adjusted for different heights or removed and replaced with caster wheels for mobility. Furthermore, these base cabinets also offer a storage area under the countertop. You can store the relevant materials inside this cabinet after fixing the compatible Electrolux tools on the base.