Commercial Kitchen Hoods

Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods are one of the indispensable commercial restaurant equipment for restaurants, cafes, bars, pizzerias, food trucks, food, and other food service establishments that cook inside or outside. Read More

Restaurant Hood Systems

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Commercial Make-Up Air Hood Packages with the optional fire system remove grease-laden vapors and keep your kitchen fresh, free of odor, and safe.


Exhaust Hoods Only

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Exhaust hoods improve the air quality in the kitchen with powerful fans. They also prevent the growth of mold and bacteria by removing odors and moisture.


Food Truck Hoods

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Food truck concession hoods remove grease and clean the air of the food truck. A food truck requires this equipment that complies with the local code.


Ventless Exhaust System

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Keep the air fresh and free of moisture with a ventless exhaust system that allows you to get rid of airborne particles without the need for a duct connection.


Condensate Hoods

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Capturing and extracting steam can be a challenge without a condensate hood. Condensate hood will help you run the daily operation of your restaurant.


Exhaust Hood Filters

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Using a pizza oven hood allows you, provide kitchen personnel to work convenient temperature and prevent them from being exposed to hot air while working.


Hood Parts & Accessories

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Keep your exhaust hood clean and reduce fire risks. Exhaust hood filter, parts & accessories will have your kitchen running safely and efficiently.

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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods are one of the indispensable commercial restaurant equipment for restaurants, cafes, bars, pizzerias, food trucks, food, and other food service establishments that cook inside or outside.

Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods clean and balance your restaurant's air, providing safety for employees and customers. They also reduce the fire risk by reducing the grease built-up. A commercial kitchen exhaust hood is the hero of your kitchen that keeps the ventilation system working without any problems. If you select the right commercial exhaust hood that removes the bad odors, moisture, grease, hot air, and smoke and provides proper air; thus, your team can comfortably work in and breathe safely.

Advantages Of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

  • According to their types, some commercial kitchen hoods exhaust hot air, smoke, and steam; some remove grease and particles and provide clean air.
  • Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods reduce the fire risk by removing the grease and other combustible particles.
  • Choosing the suitable commercial kitchen exhaust hood systems helps your kitchen comply with local codes.
  • They provide lighting in your kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Types

There are a few aspects of categorizing the commercial kitchen exhaust hoods. But here are the most common ones: 

Type 1 Kitchen Hoods are also known as "Grease Hoods" since they remove the grease and combustible particles from the kitchen. These commercial exhaust vent systems are placed on top of cooking equipment such as fryers, griddles, broilers, barbeques, and other grease and smoke-producing commercial restaurant equipment.

Type 1 kitchen hoods have removable filters that are affordable and easy to clean but require regular cleaning.

Type 2 Kitchen Hoods are also called "Condensate Hoods" that expeş moisture, vapors, steam, and heat from non-grease producer equipment and appliances such as commercial dishwashers, coffee machines, and general ovens.

Another categorization of the commercial kitchen hoods are in 3 types:

As understood from its name, Standard Design Commercial kitchen hoods are the most known type of commercial kitchen hoods that reduce heating, vapor, and steam. Standard exhaust hoods also prevent grease with their changeable filters.

Commercial Ventless Hoods can ventilate internally and are very useful when external venting is not possible. They have separate filters that can prevent the environment from grease, ash, smoke, and other particles

Exhaust Design Hoods have fans and exhaust the not hazardous air to outside. If a commercial kitchen hood is just an exhaust-only hood, it means it has no filters to capture the grease.         

It is also possible to choose a commercial kitchen exhaust hood according to business type. If you run a pizzeria or have a pizza oven, it's mandatory, and you have to install a commercial pizza hood over your pizza cooking equipment to exhaust grease and remove heat. Food truck hoods are also essential kitchen equipment for safety and hygiene in the food truck business. They also help exhaust unbearable hot air inside the food truck, and they are specially manufactured to cope with all types of weather.

You can select your commercial restaurant hood according to your kitchen's design and ventilation system. Ventless Exhaust Systems are self-contained kitchen hood systems that can be installed any place since they don't require duct, roof fans, or hood to hang. Ventless Exhaust filters should be cleaned or changed regularly to get the best performance from the exhaust hood.

Condensate hoods provide safety in your kitchen by removing steam, hot air, and smoke. They can be placed over dishwashers and bakery equipment that don't produce grease. On the other hand, Makeup-Air Hood Packages replace the fresh air with the hot and bad odor with an exhaust device and balance the inside air pressure.

Choosing The Right Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood

You should consider the following issues while choosing the suitable restaurant exhaust hood:

  1. Local codes
  2. Commercial Kitchen Hood Types
  3. Commercial Hood Size and Kitchen Design
  4. Hood Exhausting Rate
  5. Fire Suppression System
  6. Ventilation System of The Kitchen and Ventilation Design
  7. Commercial Kitchen Hood Maintenance
  8. Commercial Kitchen Hood Parts and Accessories

Commercial Exhaust Hood Filters Maintenance

commercial kitchen hood system is the heart of your kitchen and the most crucial part of your restaurant ventilation system as it enhances the quality of the air in your restaurant. Regularly applying commercial hood maintenance and changing exhaust hood filters will increase the efficiency of your equipment and provide safety.