Commercial Electric Ranges

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  1. $3,423.00

    FINANCE FOR: $83.57/mo.

  2. $3,045.00

    FINANCE FOR: $74.34/mo.

  3. $1,918.40

    FINANCE FOR: $46.83/mo.

  4. $4,168.45

    FINANCE FOR: $101.76/mo.

  5. $14,735.60

    FINANCE FOR: $359.74/mo.

  6. $23,845.25

    FINANCE FOR: $582.13/mo.

  7. $20,185.55

    FINANCE FOR: $492.79/mo.

  8. $16,525.85

    FINANCE FOR: $403.45/mo.

  9. $17,007.10

    FINANCE FOR: $415.19/mo.

  10. $14,555.20

    FINANCE FOR: $355.34/mo.

  11. $7,026.80

    FINANCE FOR: $171.55/mo.

  12. $12,210.55

    FINANCE FOR: $298.10/mo.

  13. $8,603.10

    FINANCE FOR: $210.03/mo.

  14. $6,064.30

    FINANCE FOR: $148.05/mo.

  15. $7,517.95

    FINANCE FOR: $183.54/mo.

  16. $22,271.70

    FINANCE FOR: $543.72/mo.

  17. $18,609.80

    FINANCE FOR: $454.32/mo.

  18. $14,950.65

    FINANCE FOR: $364.99/mo.

  19. $8,162.00

    FINANCE FOR: $199.26/mo.

  20. $9,478.70

    FINANCE FOR: $231.40/mo.

  21. $21,901.00

    FINANCE FOR: $534.67/mo.

  22. $18,241.85

    FINANCE FOR: $445.34/mo.

  23. $14,581.05

    FINANCE FOR: $355.97/mo.

  24. $9,573.30

    FINANCE FOR: $233.71/mo.

  25. $18,682.95

    FINANCE FOR: $456.11/mo.

  26. $15,021.60

    FINANCE FOR: $366.72/mo.

  27. $11,362.45

    FINANCE FOR: $277.39/mo.

  28. $5,586.90

    FINANCE FOR: $136.39/mo.

  29. $9,275.20

    FINANCE FOR: $226.44/mo.

  30. $24,288.00

    FINANCE FOR: $592.94/mo.

  31. $20,626.10

    FINANCE FOR: $503.54/mo.

  32. $16,967.50

    FINANCE FOR: $414.23/mo.

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Are you in the food serving business? Or thinking of diving into it? As Chef’s Deal we are here to be your number one go to when looking for kitchen supplies. With our dedicated team and years of experience, we are always one call away from you. We know it is overwhelming looking through all commercial electric stove and electric commercial range models, but on our page we have gathered all the best models with clear information and best prices. With over 70 restaurant electric stove models to choose from, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Come on and dive right in!


Meet Different Commercial Electric Stoves


Before you start wandering around our page, you should consider your capacity to supply and your demand. Also keep in mind the space you have in your kitchen, we would not want you to be cramped up in the space you work miracles in! As the commercial electric range model you want to purchase will be your best companion for over 10 years, it is important to choose wisely. Going through 4, 6 burner commercial electric stove models, keep in mind your space and capacity. While the imperial 6 burner electric range might catch your eye with its splatter screen, infinite heat controls, porcelain oven interiors and stainless steel front, the 4 burner commercial electric stove will also do your business justice.


The restaurant electric range you will purchase will not only serve your customers better but also your bills and the environment. Using an electric stove for commercial use makes you a winner on both sides of the coin! As they are easy to operate and require no hard work while building, they are literally the synonym for easy use. As electric restaurant range models are considered much safer, you will not have to look back while leaving your kitchen.


Going through our commercial electric stoves for sale you will see that we have gathered the most budget friendly and eye appealing products to take their place in your kitchen. Maybe our category even opened your eyes for a better version you have not yet considered, like 6 burner electric range commercial. In the end, whatever your intentions may be while searching through commercial grade electric stove models, we have your back! Don't hesitate to reach out to us regarding any problem you might face while wandering around our website.