Commercial Dishwasher Racks

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What is a Commercial Dishwasher Rack?

A commercial dishwasher rack is a specially designed tray with standard sizes used in commercial dishwashers for organizing and securely holding dishes, glasses, utensils, and other kitchenware during the washing cycle.

What Size are Commercial Dishwasher Racks?

Commercial dishwasher racks typically come in standard sizes to accommodate the variety of dishware used in restaurants and other food service establishments. The most common size for a full-sized commercial dishwasher rack is approximately 20x20 inches (about 50.8x50.8 cm). This size is designed to efficiently fit into the majority of commercial dishwashers.

What are Commercial Dishwasher Racks Made of?

These racks are typically made from durable materials and are structured to optimize space, improve cleaning efficiency, and protect items from damage.

  • Polypropylene Racks: Durable and resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. They are ideal for heavy-duty use and are less rust or corrosion-prone.
  • Coated Wire Racks: Commonly used, featuring a metal wire frame with a protective coating (often vinyl) to prevent rust and reduce the risk of chipping or damaging dishes.
  • Stainless Steel Racks: Highly durable, rust-resistant, and ideal for heavy usage. They're more expensive but offer longevity and are less likely to degrade over time.
  • Plastic Racks: Lightweight and less expensive. Suitable for lighter use but may not be as durable as polypropylene or stainless steel.
  • Nylon-Coated Racks: Similar to coated wire racks, but with a nylon coating that's typically more durable and provides better protection against chipping and rust than vinyl coatings.

What is the Best Rack Material for a Dishwasher Rack?

When choosing a rack type based on material, consider factors like durability, resistance to high temperatures and chemicals, and the likelihood of rust or corrosion. The choice will also depend on the frequency and intensity of use and budget constraints.

What are The Commercial Dishwasher Rack Types?

Restaurant dish racks remarkably differ in design; there are 2 main models to match the requirements for the various serviceware items and accessories.

Restaurant Dish and Flatware Racks

Commercial dishwasher plate racks are suitable for washing plates, and you can efficiently place the plates among the pegs to keep the plates vertical to ensure all places are completely cleaned. In addition to these peg racks, you can find flat commercial dishwasher racks to wash and carry the spoons, forks, ıknives, and other service essentials.

Dishwasher Glass and Cup Racks

Commercial dishwasher glass racks feature separate compartments to safely store the glasses and keep them from breakages while traveling.

Dishwasher Rack Accessories

To modify or renew your existing commercial dishwasher racks, browse our handles and dividers selection.

How Many Compartments Does a Commercial Dishwasher Rack Have?

You can find commercial dishwasher racks with from 1 to 25 compartments.

What are The Color Options for Commercial Dishwasher Racks?

You can choose beige, blue, gray, or silver colors at commercial dishwasher racks that match your kitchen and equipment.

Can You Replace The Dishwasher Racks?

Yes, you can replace dishwasher racks. Over time, dishwasher racks may wear out, rust, or become damaged, necessitating replacement. Most dishwasher manufacturers offer replacement racks that are specifically designed for their models. These can be purchased directly from manufacturers, appliance repair shops, or online retailers. When replacing dishwasher racks, it's essential to ensure that the new racks are compatible with your dishwasher model to guarantee proper fit and functionality.

What are The Advantages of Commercial Dishwasher Racks?

Industrial dishwasher racks are designed to facilitate foodservice operations by providing practical equipment for handling all service essentials. Hence, getting enough commercial dishwasher baskets in your kitchen will allow you to:

  • Keep all necessary items in safe and easily accessible warewashing racks, including plates, glasses, cups, or silverware.
  • In robust cases, carry or transfer fragile plates, glasses, and other necessary items for outdoor events, catering organizations, or banquets.
  • Stack or collect the dirty and used dishes and glasses directly into the warewashing racks, which enable you to bring the dishes back to your facility and place them into the commercial dishwashers without additional effort.
  • Fit them into all dishwashers with full (19-3/4" width and length (50.16 cm)) and half-size construction.

Chef's Deal provides a rich inventory of commercial dishwasher racks from Electrolux Professional, Eurodib USA, and FMP that you can use to stack, carry, or clean your service items. You can also visit our other storage racks to enhance your space optimization in your establishment.