Drop-In Ice Cream Freezers

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  1. $7,047.00

    FINANCE FOR: $172.04/mo.

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  2. $5,436.00

    FINANCE FOR: $132.71/mo.

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  3. Special Price $2,004.00 $2,130.60

    FINANCE FOR: $48.92/mo.

  4. Special Price $2,134.00 $2,586.00

    FINANCE FOR: $52.10/mo.

  5. Special Price $2,492.00 $2,649.60

    FINANCE FOR: $60.84/mo.

  6. Special Price $2,921.00 $3,105.60

    FINANCE FOR: $71.31/mo.

  7. Special Price $2,434.00 $2,587.80

    FINANCE FOR: $59.42/mo.

  8. Special Price $2,863.00 $3,043.20

    FINANCE FOR: $69.89/mo.

  9. $4,384.91

    FINANCE FOR: $107.05/mo.

  10. $4,996.68

    FINANCE FOR: $121.98/mo.

  11. $4,177.98

    FINANCE FOR: $102.00/mo.

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Drop-In Ice Cream Freezers: Boost Your Ice Cream Sales with Quick Service

Drop in ice cream freezers are ice cream storing, dipping, and serving equipment that will provide fast and safe compact storage solutions for concessions stands, ice cream parlors, restaurants, shops, and cafes. These drop in freezers are produced suitably for commercial use and contribute to your business with durability, functionality, and efficiency.

Features of Drop-In Ice Cream Freezers

Drop in freezers are of compact construction to fit even in smaller spaces on your counter. So you do not need to allocate your available space solely for the ice cream storage and can open up the counter area for other merchandisers and display cases.

Drop-in ice cream freezers are manufactured with stainless steel to ensure durability and long-term use to assure the constant flow of your ice cream service. These drop in freezers also feature powerful cooling mechanisms that are installed at the bottom of the dibbing cabinet.

Drop in ice cream freezers run at a temperature range of -5° to +40°F. Additionally, they are manufactured with full insulation to keep the cold air inside and maintain the necessary low-temperature levels for proper storage conditions. Additionally, the drop in ice cream dipping cabinets is equipped with steel lids that are also manufactured for higher insulation.

Advantages of Drop-In Ice Cream Freezers

Furnished with commercial-grade materials and mechanisms, these drop in ice cream freezers bring remarkable advantages which can help your business thrive:

  • Drop-in freezers keep your ice cream and frozen delicacies within your easy reach.
  • They provide a fast ice cream service by enabling customers to order, get their ice cream, and pay at the same place.


As an authorized dealer of leading commercial kitchen equipment brands, Chef's Deal offers drop-in ice cream freezers from Delfield and Glastender at varying capacities and affordable prices.