Commercial Milkshake Machines

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Serve Thick, Frothy Shakes With Commercial Milkshake Machines

Commercial milkshake machines are countertop electric beverage equipment uniquely designed for making shakes, malts, flurries, and cocktails. Commercial milkshake makers often have a durable stainless steel body. They mix the ingredients in the mixer cup evenly with the help of a powerful motor and a long spindle. The ultra-aggressive agitators on the spindle can shred soft and hard food items. Thus, you can blend candies, cookies, ice, and many other hard-to-mix ingredients into flavorful frozen treats like soft serve or hard ice cream, frozen yogurt, or custard.

Benefits of Commercial Milkshake Machines

  • Commercial milkshake machines use a longer shaft to thoroughly mix the ingredients and work much faster than blenders.
  • Commercial milkshake maker machines take less time to mix the ingredients.
  • Standard blenders make the mixture thin and watery. Yet, commercial shake machines create a frothy and thick texture. Therefore, the add-ins like cookies or fruit do not sink to the bottom so that customers can taste them.
  • Commercial milkshake makers do not have sharp blades, so they are safer to use.
  • They usually feature an onboard cooling system to keep the contents cold.
  • Commercial milkshake machines are all-purpose drink mixers. They can whip up distinctive treats like frozen coffee variations, fruit smoothies, and shakes filled with fruit pieces. You can add nuts, cookies, or candy to make your shake sweeter.

How To Choose The Best Commercial Milkshake Machine

Commercial milkshake machines are available in different style options and features to meet distinct business demands. Attention to the following points may help you make a better decision.

  1. Installation Style: Most of these commercial milkshake machines are countertop appliances. However, you can purchase a wall-mount model with limited counter space.
  2. Type: They have single, double, or triple spindles, giving you the flexibility to blend multiple flavors simultaneously. 
  3. Variable Speed: Their motor power often ranges from 1 to 3/4 HP. Speed adjustment is more important than horsepower. A two or three-speed motor enables you to control speed according to the load and ingredient type.
  4. Agitator Options: Some units feature two agitators for each spindle: one solid agitator for hard and one butterfly agitator for soft mix-ins.  


You can grow your business or expand your menu with frozen desserts. All you need is a commercial milkshake machine. Check out Hamilton Beach, Omcan USA, Vitamix, Waring milkshake machines, and more models of industry leaders at Chef's Deal. You may also visit our beverage equipment web page to provide all kinds of beverages to your customers.