Commercial Hand Wash Sinks

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Commercial Hand Wash Sinks For Restaurant Kitchens

A commercial hand wash sink is vital equipment for the hygiene of the kitchens in the food service business. As handwashing is the backbone of personal hygiene, all industrial kitchens must provide their food preparation staff with sinks designated only for hand sanitation. Proper handwashing for a more sterile workspace is not just a preference. It is also a requirement by FDA and local authorities.

Commercial Hand Wash Sink Requirements

Every restaurant kitchen needs to contain at least one commercial handwashing sink. The size and the design of your kitchen may call for more. All kitchen staff has to wash hands with running hot water using a hand sanitizer in a hand wash sink for 20 seconds. A commercial hand wash sink must provide hot water at a minimum temperature of 100 °F. Water temperature and flow rate should be adjusted with a mixing valve or combination faucet. There must also be a continuous supply of disposable towels or a heated-air hand drying system for decently drying hands.

The ideal place to locate commercial hand sinks is somewhere close to the food preparation area. Employees thus can have quick and easy access to handwashing each time they start handling food. Commercial hand wash sinks placed close enough for water to splatter onto food contact surfaces must have splash guards to prevent cross-contamination. A sign or poster must notify the sink reserved for handwashing to be visible and not used for other cleaning purposes.

Main Types of Commercial Hand Wash Sinks

Drop-in hand wash sinks are widespread. They fit directly and easily into a countertop opening. The rim of the sink sticks out and rests on the countertop to maintain a secure grip. Thus, the counter can carry the weight of the sink.

A pedestal mount hand sink features double support. It stands on its pedestal and can also be mounted on a wall through its wall mount bracket. The absence of a cabinet or countertop reduces its footprint, making it ideal for smaller kitchens. You can also find commercial hand wash sinks with an extra feature: Their foot pedals provide hands-free faucet operation and a more sanitary handwashing practice.

Wall mount hand sinks attach firmly to any wall in your kitchen. As they don’t require a pedestal or countertop, they take up less floor space.

Some Distinctive Features of Commercial Hand Wash Sinks

These stainless steel hand wash sinks are durable and resistant to corrosion and rust. Various unique features can guide your choice. Rather than buying a soap dispenser and paper towel holder separately, you may wish to get a commercial hand sink with these tools already attached to its backsplash. Side splashes are necessary depending on where you place your commercial hand sink. Therefore, it is better to buy one with splash guards. Hand sinks with knee or foot valves and a motion sensor faucet can be preferable for more sterile handwashing.

Hands can become a source of cross-contamination. Properly located commercial hand wash sinks in sufficient numbers can minimize this risk, and make it easier for your staff.