Meat Display Cases

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Meat Display Cases: Store, Refrigerate, and Promote Meat with Safety

Meat display cases are ideal for conserving, storing, cooling, and showcasing red meat, poultry, ham, beef, pork, and other cold meat products. The meat business requires high-quality commercial refrigeration equipment as these are very gentle and sensitive to temperature changes and fluctuations. When meat is not preserved in refrigerated cases, it will start growing bacteria and microbes, which will result in waste of products, money, and time.

Features of Meat Display Cases

Meat display cases are configured to store meat products in a large refrigerated case with a large transparent front. So, these supermarket meat cases provide a suitable environment to protect the meat products while creating an attractive and eye-catching meat case display to showcase meat products.

  • Meat display cases are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure that they can withstand the heavy conditions in supermarkets, butchers, and restaurants.
  • Meat display case temperature varies between 32°F and 42°F depending on the models, and the temperature can easily be controlled with digital controls.
  • This type of commercial refrigerated display case is offered in various finishes to match your restaurant or butcher shop layout.
  • The meat display coolers are of great use with their stainless steel top that can also be used to display additional products.
  • Some meat display cases are equipped with caster wheels to enable you to move the case freely around the shop.
  • They are furnished with meat display case lighting with LED and white interiors to create an attractive appearance for the customers.
  • Many of the fresh meat display chillers models come with sliding back doors.

Advantages of Meat Display Cases

Meat display cases are primarily designed for preserving meat products with specified features, and thus, they offer various advantages:

  • These butchers’ display equipment can preserve and showcase your meat products with elegance and safety.
  • Meat display cases can save you money by preventing the waste and loss of valuable meat products.
  • The adjustable heat and humidity controls allow you to keep the meat under optimal conditions.
  • The versatile design of the meat display cases offers practical use and easy loading and service through the sliding back doors.
  • Some models also have meat display case trays at the backside to enable a suitable working surface.
  • Meat display fridges can contribute to your business and boost sales by attracting customers to buy meat, ham, or poultry.

Types of Meat Display Cases

Meat display cases are available with different options, and you can be sure that you will find the most suitable choice for your business.

1. Exterior Finish

Butcher shop meat displays can be preferred with stainless steel finish which presents a shiny appearance while presenting ease of cleaning. Furthermore, you can have black or white exteriors as well to match them to your general layout in your butcher shop or restaurant.

2. Service Type

Full-service meat cases can be used for full-service areas where there is always staff to help the customers to have the products they want. If you want to allow your customers to choose and grab the products they desire freely, you can purchase a self-serve meat display case.

3. Compressor Location

Meat display cases are configured either with a self-contained compressor to facilitate installation in any place in your business. Additionally, these units only need an electric outlet to be connected and have condenser evaporators that will remove/eliminate the need for draining.

These commercial refrigeration systems can also be purchased with a remote compressor placed at the ceiling, garden, or outside the building. This will move away/expel the noise and extra heat that the compressor produces, thereby providing a more silent working. However, installing these types of meat display cases requires expertise and additional pipes and lines from the compressor to the equipment. But, if you already have a remote compressor in your establishment, then it will be a cost-saving option as well.

4. Glass Shape

One of the major advantages of refrigerated meat display cases is their glass front. This provides customers with a large area to peruse what’s inside. Straight glass fronts are the traditional types of raw meat display cases that enable customers to have a clear look, while curved glass fronts offer greater visibility both from the top and the front.


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