Commercial Hose Reels

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Carry Water Wherever You Need With Commercial Hose Reels

A commercial hose reel is a roller made of durable material for storing hoses and dispensing pressurized water for multiple purposes. Its mechanism enables you to carry water quickly to wherever needed and then rewind to its reel. Food employees’ shift is complete only after a thorough wash down and cleaning. With a commercial water hose reel, washing and pot-filling tasks are more efficient and much safer.

Commercial hose reels have self-rewinding and manual rewinding models. Rolling a hose with human labor through a lever is not convenient for industrial kitchens, so retractable hose reels are mostly preferred. These heavy-duty commercial hose reels feature an inlet on one side for connecting to the fixture. The hose attaches to a spray nozzle. Pulling the hose applies tension to the hose spring. After the operation, this tension lets the hose coil back onto the reel slowly.

A Quick Guide for Buying a Commercial Hose Reel

A tangled hose would be a drag on your staff, slowing down their work. A carefully selected commercial water hose reel can prevent this. The following points can guide your choice:

  • Decide whether you want to keep the hose neatly on a wall, table, or ceiling. You may wish to check the availability of water lines before choosing the mounting style.
  • In selecting the length and diameter of the hose, remember that wider and longer hoses mean reduced flow rates.
  • You can buy an open or enclosed reel. Enclosed hose reels maintain a more organized look with only the water gun sticking out of the reel.
  • Out of the coated metal, coated steel, and stainless steel hose reels, stainless steel is the most durable.

Purchase a commercial hose reel to organize your hose storage and increase the efficiency of pressure washing operations in your kitchen. You may also want to change your water hose nozzles and shop for other hose reel parts and accessories.