Food Truck Supplies

Food truck supplies and equipment are vital for you to start a food truck business. Food trucks are gaining more fame and increasing their customer traffic; thus, you will need an extensive commercial kitchen inside a limited space to cook your menu items with the highest quality and greatest taste. Read More

Commercial Griddles

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You can grill everything with commercial griddles at their flat cooking surface tops, which provide a vast grilling space, and faster heat-up times.

Ice Cream Freezers

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Ice cream freezers keep ice cream frozen, in good shape, & safe until you serve. You can select chest, drop-in, free-standing, or modular types for your need.

Fruit & Vegetable Cutters

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Fruit and vegetable cutters chop, slice, wedge, peel, and reduce the labor and time spent on preparing healthy fruit & vegetable menus.

Countertop Warmers & Displays

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You can keep the food fresh, warm, and ready to be served at safe temperatures with the commercial countertop warmer & displays.

Undercounter Refrigerators & Freezers

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Undercounter refrigerators and freezers can fit easily under the counter, and they are suitable for many foodservice establishments like cafes & food stands.

Countertop Glass Door Refrigeration

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Countertop glass door refrigeration equipment occupies less space and has a smaller storage room, but is suitable for heavily trafficked establishments.

Tortilla Grills, Makers & Presses

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You can automize your tortilla production from flattening dough balls into tortillas to grilling them with commercial tortilla grills, makers & presses.


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Charbroilers give a smokey flavor with open flames, carry the outdoor grilling taste inside, and attract your BBQ-addicted customers.

Commercial Countertop Deep Fryers

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You can cook buffalo wings, chicken tenders, fish fillets, french fries, and more quickly with the space-saving commercial countertop deep fryers.


Microwave Ovens

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With their increased power and efficiency, Commercial Microwave Ovens are designed to meet high and fast cooking demands, especially for grab & go foods.


Countertop Pizza Ovens

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Commercial countertop pizza ovens are compact tabletop equipment for baking delicious pizza and pastries and quickly heating snacks and precooked food.


Countertop Steamers

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Commercial countertop steamers are suitable solutions for small foodbusiness establishments with a high volume to prepare vegetables and tender meats faster.


Commercial Hotplates

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You can effectively use the limited space with electric or gas commercial hot plates and add an extra burner to boil a pot or keep a pan warm.


Stock Pot Ranges

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Stock pot ranges are heavy-duty, high-performance, and powerful commercial cooking equipment to heat a large amount of liquids, sauces, and soups.


Gyro Machines & Vertical Broilers

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Stainless steel vertical broilers, known as gyros, help satisfy your customers with your delicious doner kebabs, shish kebabs, shawarmas, and other meat types.


Panini & Sandwich Presses

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You can enrich your menu by cooking various sandwiches and grilled proteins with a commercial panini & sandwich press with fast preheating and cooking times.


Airpot Coffee Brewers

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Airpot coffee brewers help you brew large quantities of coffee, keep it warm and fresh, and serve efficiently in bars, offices, restaurants, dining halls, and cafeteria.


Film & Shrink Wrapping Machines

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Shrink and wrap machines are perfect solutions to keep the vegetables, meats, cheeses, and other food fresh and for more extended times.


Food Truck Supplies: To the Infinite Taste…. and Beyond

Food truck supplies and equipment are vital for you to start a food truck business. Food trucks are gaining more fame and increasing their customer traffic; thus, you will need an extensive commercial kitchen inside a limited space to cook your menu items with the highest quality and greatest taste.

Food Truck Supplies Requirements

Food truck businesses require a careful selection of commercial kitchen equipment since you will have a smaller area for food truck equipment installation. Therefore, all the food truck supplies that you will buy should have the following features:

  • As the food truck kitchen space is very limited, you should choose compact kitchen equipment.
  • The food truck equipment layout should be arranged to make the most out of under-counter and countertop spaces.
  • Gas will be the primary fuel source for your food truck supplies, but you will also need electricity for refrigeration, mixers, or lights. So, you will need a generator as well. Thus, the equipment you buy should be energy efficient to lower your costs.
  • You may not have enough time, space, and electricity to wash stained plates and cutlery. So you should organize your service to utilize the benefits of disposable food truck supplies. All-purpose disposable food truck supplies and equipment should also be added to inventory.
  • You should install necessary soap, disinfectant, and napkin dispensers to facilitate customers’ access to sanitation and keep them always filled with high-quality food truck supplies.

The Most Efficient Food Truck Supplies For Limited Space

1. Food Truck Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration equipment is one of the crucial food truck supplies for preserving all perishables in your inventory. Therefore, you should outfit your food truck with suitable commercial refrigeration that is of great use with its compact and versatile design.

  • Undercounter Refrigerators and Freezers: Undercounter refrigerators and freezers are the best to harness every space in your limited space while providing a secure place for your chilled and frozen products. Undercounter freezers and refrigerators are ideal for any type of food truck with their low height and easily accessible storage units. 
  • Chest Freezers and Ice Cream Freezers: Chest freezers offer better visibility of the products inside and enable you to load and unload through the top lid easily. If you want to start an ice cream truck business, commercial ice cream freezers will be your reliable food truck supplies to merchandise your ice cream and frozen treats and keep them safe until served to the customers.
  • Refrigerated Prep Tables: Refrigerated prep tables are designed to merge a commercial cooler or freezer with a worktop with chilled storage for condiments and ingredients to enable easy access and secure storage. If you want to buy pizza food truck equipment, you should also be adding one of these food truck supplies to your list to facilitate pizza preparation.
  • Worktop Refrigerators and Freezers: Food truck supplies offer versatility, as in the case of worktop refrigeration. These worktop refrigerators and freezers are made from stainless steel, and this sturdy top can be used as a robust working area that can handle beatings and dough kneading.  
  • Countertop Glass Door Refrigerators and Freezers: To increase your impulse sales, you must place beverages, snacks, and other chilled products in a visible place to attract customers. Countertop glass door refrigerators and freezers or merchandisers will provide a chilled place while presenting an alluring show of refreshing beverages.

2. Food Truck Food Preparation Equipment

  • Food Carriers: You can save time and energy by cooking some of the foods and sauce beforehand and transferring it to your food truck with these insulated food carriers.
  • Kitchen Cutlery: Just like every other kitchen, you also need kitchen cutlery to prepare, cook or serve your food. Spatulas, knives, whisks, other kitchen utensils, and cookware will also be crucial for your needs.
  • Plastic Food Pans: These food truck supplies are perfect for storing your ingredients, cooked foods, veggies, spices, and leftovers to keep your food truck organized and easily manageable.
  • Commercial Fruit & Vegetable CuttersTo accelerate the preparation process in your food truck, you can purchase dicers, cutters, peelers, or slicers that run on electricity or manually.

2. Food Truck Countertop Cooking Equipment

As commercial cooking equipment is the key to the taste of your meals, so are food truck supplies.

  • Commercial Griddles: These food truck supplies are designed to provide a flat grill for cooking bacon, burgers, or even pancakes. Gas or electric fueled, plate thickness, and side-to-side width of cooking surface measure are the primary considerations for the commercial griddles.
  • Commercial Microwave: Commercial microwaves are one of the food truck supplies that will be your trusted partner during peak hours and allow you to re-heat the foods to get them ready for service quickly.
  • Commercial Charbroilers: These types of food truck supplies will add more appeal to your food with char flavor and texture. Commercial charbroilers will also leave space for other food truck supplies with their countertop models. 
  • Commercial Panini Presses: Commercial panini presses and sandwich presses are suitable options to make a finishing touch to sandwiches, burritos, or tacos by heating them.
  • Commercial Hot Plates: This cooking tool is a compact countertop food truck equipment that will enable you to keep your hot sauces, gravy, and pre-made dishes warm for a better customer experience.
  • Stock Pot Range: If you still want burners with real flames, the stock pot ranges are perfect for you. These types of food truck supplies occupy relatively a smaller place and can provide high energy levels as well. Furthermore, the stockpot ranges are the right option when you need to cook large batches of sauce or food. They are designed for countertop use but are also sturdy enough to handle large pots’ weight.
  •  Commercial Ranges: Comercial ranges are an indispensable part of any commercial kitchen with their burners, built-in oven, and even griddles when combined. You can also create a fully capable commercial range to cook all kinds of food in your food truck kitchen.
  • Food Truck Countertop Ovens, Commercial Pizza Ovens, and Commercial Steamers: You can place commercial countertop ovens or steamers to utilize the available space on your under-counter equipment and food truck supplies. You can also get a commercial countertop pizza oven to cook and serve your pizza recipes freshly.
  • Countertop Commercial Deep Fryers: Commercial deep fryers are must-have additions to any food serving business to maximize the taste of products with frying oil. You can use your limited space to the utmost extent by getting a countertop fryer that will enable you to use every inch of your layout. Especially ventless fryers are a good fit for places short on space or ventilation, like food trucks.
  • Gyro Machines & Vertical Broilers: Gyros and doner kebabs are popular as delicious Mediterranean cuisine representatives. You can also add this flavor to your menu by getting a gyro machine or a vertical broiler, enabling you to serve many recipes of gyros.
  • Commercial Tortilla Makers and Tortilla Presses: Tacos are now one of the most popular street tastes, and therefore, serving them in a food truck will raise the joy to the zenith. So, you can make your own consistent shaped and standard-sized tortillas by getting commercial tortilla makers and presses.

3. Food Truck Warming and Holding Equipment

  • Countertop Food Warmers/ Bain Maries: Cooking your food beforehand and maintaining its heat will be an excellent option to catch up with the lunch or dinner rush. Countertop food warmers can re-heat all the foods without drying them or decreasing their taste.
  • Display Warmers: You can also retain the warmth of your hot treats and increase your sales by creating an attractive food showcase with display warmers.
  • Commercial Soup Warmers: It is impossible to cook soup all the time you get an order. Therefore, you can merchandise the soup and keep it warm to make it ready and warm for service at any time of the day with the commercial soup warmers.
  • Commercial Soup Kettles: If you do not have much space in your food truck kitchen, you can opt to get a commercial soup kettle that features a compact construction to easily fit in available areas on your counter while retaining the temperature suitable for service.
  • French Fries Warmers: You do not have to prepare French fries every time you have an order to preserve their warmth and crispiness. Instead, you can purchase a French fry warmer to showcase your fries for more customers.

4. Food Truck Beverage Equipment

  • Airpot Coffee Brewers: You can still serve hot and tasty coffee to your customers with their dessert to enhance their joy. As food truck supplies, airpot coffee brewers can prepare a large amount of coffee to fill your airpots to enable you to serve coffee easily.

5. Food Truck Disposable Supplies

Food Truck Serving Supplies

  • Disposable Cups: Drinks and beverages occupy an important place in your run food truck business. Therefore, disposable cups as crucial food truck supplies will be a practical solution since they are cheaper, eliminate additional dishwashing, and provide hygiene. The cup dispensers will facilitate taking cups and make safe storage for the disposable cups.
  • Disposable Food Containers: Disposable food containers are excellent for serving your dishes in one place by saving you from extra mess and cost. Additionally, these food truck supplies are also great for take-away or home delivery orders.
  • Condiment Pumps: Toppings, condiments, seasonings, or ketchup can carry the taste of your food to a higher level. Condiment pumps will bring an organized station to serve these while enabling you to add these on to the dishes rapidly.
  • Paper Towels & Napkin Dispensers: Paper towels and napkins are among the frequently used food truck supplies, just as in other food-serving businesses. Both in the kitchen and by customers, they are required while quickly served/distributed with paper napkins and towel dispensers.

Food Truck All-Purpose Disposables and Janitorial Supplies

  • Food Packaging MachinesYou may need to wrap most of the take-away orders, and the wrap dispensers will accelerate this process. The heat sealers are also available to allow you to foil veggies or meat products to prolong their shelf life.
  • Soap Dispensers: You can install soap dispensers next to your hand sink and quickly wash your hands before moving to the following order. Or you may also get an additional glove dispenser to change them for other recipes quickly. 


As a reliable commercial kitchen store, Chef’s Deal offers a vast inventory of all the food truck supplies and equipment. Whether you start from scratch, renew your equipment, or expand your menu, you can find all commercial kitchen equipment with the best financing options.