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Worktop Freezers Create a Seamless Working Line in Your Kitchen

Worktop freezers are crucial to creating a seamless working line in your commercial kitchen with their multifunctional construction combines a sturdy countertop with a low-height commercial freezer. These freezer worktops are designed to provide a firm working counter on which you can carry out daily preparation for meals.

Worktop freezers have a built-in freezer that is installed under the working counter to keep the necessary ingredients within easy reach of your personnel while providing safe storage for frozen products, meals, soups, and other treats.

Features of Worktop Freezers

Worktop freezers are available in different configurations and features to contribute to your work efficiency.

  • Commercial worktop freezers are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure durability in a heavy trafficking environment like commercial kitchens. They are of great use with scratch and dent resistance while presenting an easy to clean and sturdy countertop.
  • Most of the worktop freezers are built with a backsplash to protect the walls from splashes.
  • This commercial refrigeration equipment can be purchased in different sizes ranging from single door and double drawer small units to the large volume 3 door and 5 drawer models. You can even prefer to buy a combined model which presents both drawer and door access to the storage.
  • You can choose an Energy Star certified model to save on your bills, which boasts a lower energy consumption and higher efficiency.
  • You can also find LED lighting, caster wheels, self-closing doors, and adjustable shelving to meet your needs in your kitchen.


Chefs Deal retains an exclusive collection of worktop freezers from reliable brands. You can find Beverage-Air, Continental Refrigerator, and other brands, including top-notch True worktop freezers.