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If you want to make good use of your food storage, then it is time to consider getting an efficient walk in freezer. Chef’s Deal offers a wide range of commercial walk in freezer options that will match the needs of your restaurant. You can compare all of them here in detail and get yours immediately!


Store Wisely with Your Walk In Freezer


Professional cooking might seem hard but using all the ingredients without wasting any is the real challenge. However, learning the basics of food storage is the key to prevent food waste. There are different restaurant walk in freezer types that will help you plan better in the kitchen and serve delicious food to your customers. You can learn how to store food properly in just a few steps. Let’s have a look at them:


  • Learn different temperatures food types require. Most of the food should be kept at 0° or below when frozen. Thus, walk in freezers that generally keeps a constant temperature of 0° or below are a good choice when it comes to food safety.
  • Follow the FIFO rule which means “First in, first out”. That way you can control the stock rotation. Since nothing will go out of date, you can also prevent food spoilage.
  • Don’t forget to label your food. Every food delivered to your restaurant needs to be labeled. You can write the delivery and expiration date so that the person in charge of the food planning can follow the FIFO rule.
  • Even if you use a walk in freezer that will keep your food safe, you still need airtight containers that help food last longer. As food starts to spoil the moment it touches the air, using airtight containers is always a smart way.
  • Place your meat low in your commercial walk in freezer to prevent any contamination caused by other food. For instance, juices of other food can drop on meat speeding spoilage.
  • Having space in your walk in freezer does not mean that you should fill it up to the fullest. Crowded freezers don’t work properly and threaten food safety.
  • Last but not least, you have to clean all the shelves and storage units so that bacterias don’t build up. That way you can prevent water, dust, and dirt from harming your customers.


As you have seen, there are many easy and effective ways of storing food to serve your customers better. Don’t forget that restaurant walk in freezer that you use is going to be your best company when it comes to learning the basics of food storage. Focus on your restaurant’s storage needs and choose among the walk in freezer options Chef’s Deal offers.


Indoor Vs. Outdoor Walk In Freezer


When you decide to get a walk in freezer, you have to think about the location you are going to place it. Otherwise, changing the location of your walk in refrigerator freezer after it is built will cost you both time and money. If you are not sure where to put it in your restaurant, you can always consult a professional before actually investing in a freezer. However, there are a few things that you can sort out on your own, too. Have a look at them all and make this process much smoother for you:


  • Whether you’ll use outdoor or indoor walk in freezer, you have to consider the space you need for the freezer. Indoor walk-in freezers, for example, need at least 6 inches airspace above and 2 inches airspace on all sides to get airflow.
  • All the walk in freezer units should be accessible to clean. Thus, if you have a small restaurant kitchen, an indoor walk in freezer might not be a good idea for you.
  • If you decide on getting an indoor walk in freezer box with a condenser on top, think again. Using a walk in freezer with a condenser on top may cause loud noise inside the restaurant. Thus, using the condenser unit outside is a better idea.
  • Before getting a walk in freezer, take your regional temperature into consideration. If you’re in a cold area, the weather will help the condenser of an outdoor freezer cool fast. If you’re in a hot region, on the other hand, you may want to consider getting an indoor freezer to make it perform better.
  • Wear and tear is another thing you should consider. If you’re in a region with severe weather conditions such as cold temperature and high winds, an outdoor freezer might not be a good idea as the door gaskets, panels, and other accessories can be damaged easily.


There are many things to consider in detail before investing in a freezer for your restaurant. However, knowing your conditions will help you decide what’s good for your business. If you’re a small business, then a 12x12 walk in freezer should not be an option you should consider. Go for a small walk in freezer that will match your needs. If you have a food serving business dealing with lots of orders and a big kitchen, then you have to consider the space and walk in freezer prices to make your choice accordingly.


Choose Among the Professionals


Leader in the restaurant equipment sale and service, Chef’s Deal offers a wide range of walk in freezers for all kinds of food serving businesses. Find the professional restaurant equipment brands here and make your choice among them. From the 8x8 walk in freezer to 10x10 walk in freezer options, all of them are waiting for you to see their unique features.


Whether you need a 12x12 walk in freezer or a 6x6 walk in freezer, you can find it here. Besides, Chef’s Deal offers a commercial walk in freezer for sale so that you don’t have to overspend. If you want to enhance your business but have financial questions in mind, Chef’s Deal is the place to go. You can have a look at the walk in freezer prices and get financial consulting from us. When your monthly plan is ready, you can start to enhance your business without being over your budget.