Refrigerated Prep Tables

Refrigerated prep tables are must-have additions for any commercial kitchen to increase efficiency and productivity. These mega top prep tables are designed to provide practicality and versatility in one tool to enable you or your staff to carry out dish preparation in a smartly designed space. Read More

Pizza Prep Tables

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You can keep pizzas at a safe temperature and easily access all ingredients during preparation with pizza prep tables.


Sandwich & Salad Prep Tables

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Sandwich and salad prep tables are functional commercial refrigeration equipment providing a safe space to prepare salads & sandwiches and helping your workflow.


Worktop Refrigerators

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Worktop refrigerators help you carry out your food prep tasks in a steady place and keep your ingredients at a safe temperature till you work with them.


Worktop Freezers

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You can increase work efficiency by combining the working counter with cooled storage.


Prep Table Cutting Boards

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You can decrease order prep time with a prep table cutting board on your storage with the new and safe for food.


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Refrigerated Prep Tables: The Quickest Way to the Service Table

Refrigerated prep tables are must-have additions for any commercial kitchen to increase efficiency and productivity. These mega top prep tables are designed to provide practicality and versatility in one tool to enable you or your staff to carry out dish preparation in a smartly designed space.

Refrigerated prep tables are primarily formed with the combination of a refrigerator/freezer and a working counter. They function as the temporary storage for the ingredients that you will use to make salads, pizza, or prepare dishes. At the same time, the stainless steel top presents a smooth working space service on top of the refrigerator.

Features of Refrigerated Prep Tables

Refrigerated prep tables are configured to maximize your kitchen efficiency to present the most suitable conditions for you to prepare your dishes, pizza, or other deli products.

  • Commercial kitchen work table refrigerators are manufactured from stainless steel and constructed with robust parts and mechanisms to work in commercial environments smoothly. They can resist scratches and rigorous use while maintaining their duty for more extended periods.
  • The worktop on these refrigerated prep tables is durable enough to allow you to chop, knead or mix Some models come with removable cutting boards to enable you to renew after a while.
  • Refrigerated tables are furnished with commercial-grade coolers and can preserve your ingredients as frozen or chilled until you use them.
  • The refrigerated prep tables feature high energy efficiency with insulated cabinets and stainless steel doors.
  • These units are available with swinging doors or pull-out drawers, or a combination of these two.
  • Most of this commercial kitchen equipment is equipped with pan rails or food pan sections to hold your most needed ingredients just before you.
  • These food pans are mostly covered with insulated sliding or lift-top lids to keep them fresh for longer durations.

Advantages of Refrigerated Prep Tables

  • Refrigerated prep tables allow you to keep all the necessary ingredients in front of your working counter. Furthermore, the refrigerated storage under the working top will allow you to store more products near you.
  • This will eliminate going back and forth between the primary refrigeration unit and the working counter so that dishes, salads, and pizzas can be prepared faster and ease the workflow.
  • The shortened prep time will increase the service speed and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Most prep tables with refrigerator are Energy-Star certified.

Available Options of Refrigerated Prep Tables

  • Capacity and Size of Refrigerated Prep Tables

    Refrigerated prep tables
    are available in various sizes from 29" to 118", including the 48" refrigerated prep tables to address the varying volume needs in your food-serving establishment. Additionally, they can be found with up to 5 doors to provide ample storage space.

    When choosing the most suitable refrigerated prep table for your business, you should carefully assess your storage needs and determine the proper capacity to avoid excess energy costs and find enough space for your ingredients. Additionally, you should make sure that there is enough room in your commercial kitchen to place food prep table refrigerators as they need room for air ventilation.
  • Food Pans for Refrigerated Prep Tables

    Refrigerated prep tables typically have a separate section to hold the food pans under chilled conditions. They can generally handle 6” deep foodservice pans, and you can prolong the preservation time by covering them with the insulated lids.

Types of Refrigerated Prep Tables

The refrigerated prep tables are primarily classified in accordance with the dishes for which they are designed. 

1. Pizza Prep Tables

Pizza prep tables are specifically designed to create a perfect working station to streamline pizza preparation. Refrigerated pizza prep tables are of great use with the raised condiment pans where you can keep all the pizza ingredients within your easy reach. Additionally, you can store the cheese and meat products in the cooler under the worktop.

2. Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables

Refrigerated sandwich prep tables organize all chopped or pre-made salad, and sandwich produces in a safe place, and you can easily reach all these to accelerate the prep and service process. 

3. Worktop Refrigerators and Worktop Freezers

Worktop refrigerators and Worktop freezers are the most suitable options to save some floor space for other kitchen equipment in your facility. These commercial refrigerated prep tables feature a sturdy working top, and you can carry out your daily duties here while your necessities are safely stored in the freezer or refrigeration part.


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