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  1. Special Price $34,083.09 $38,195.78

    FINANCE FOR: $832.07/mo.

  2. Special Price $22,745.45 $25,378.47

    FINANCE FOR: $555.28/mo.

  3. Special Price $20,232.89 $21,826.27

    FINANCE FOR: $493.95/mo.

  4. Special Price $55,301.09 $60,969.15

    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  5. Special Price $23,061.69

    FINANCE FOR: $462.03/mo.

  6. $9,275.00

    FINANCE FOR: $226.43/mo.

  7. Special Price $24,212.25 $26,121.52

    FINANCE FOR: $591.09/mo.

  8. Special Price $52,126.54 $58,651.81

    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  9. $19,075.00

    FINANCE FOR: $465.68/mo.

  10. Special Price $28,381.88

    FINANCE FOR: $639.45/mo.

  11. Special Price $15,343.01 $16,554.54

    FINANCE FOR: $374.57/mo.

  12. Special Price $36,034.18

    FINANCE FOR: $717.07/mo.

  13. Special Price $39,572.69 $44,036.00

    FINANCE FOR: $966.09/mo.

  14. Special Price $25,274.65 $26,155.69

    FINANCE FOR: $617.03/mo.

  15. Special Price $28,827.88

    FINANCE FOR: $577.18/mo.

  16. Special Price $52,126.54 $58,651.81

    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  17. Special Price $37,881.65

    FINANCE FOR: $853.48/mo.

  18. Special Price $29,663.63 $31,251.39

    FINANCE FOR: $724.18/mo.

  19. $12,075.00

    FINANCE FOR: $294.79/mo.

  20. Special Price $26,051.93 $28,582.91

    FINANCE FOR: $636.01/mo.

  21. Special Price $46,953.17 $51,531.93

    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  22. Special Price $14,436.18 $15,738.56

    FINANCE FOR: $352.43/mo.

  23. $22,936.33

    FINANCE FOR: $559.94/mo.

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Whether you run a bakery, a café, or a restaurant, you need a blast chiller in your kitchen to prepare and serve the best food you can. There are several ways that a blast chiller or blast freezer will help you and your team to improve your business. It is not going to help you only in quickly cooling down the temperature of cooked and baked food but also it will prevent bacterial growth in your food. By purchasing a blast chiller, you will lengthen the shelf of your food, retain the nutrients, and shorten the cooking and preparation time and thus increase the efficiency in your kitchen. You can think of investing in a blast chiller is really a necessity for you but when you purchase one, you’ll see that it will be one of the biggest helpers in your kitchen both for you and your kitchen staff!


The Best Blast Chiller or Blast Freezer for Your Kitchen


After you decide to buy a commercial blast chiller or blast freezer, you should carefully think about what kind of a blast chiller or blast freezer your kitchen needs. Here on our website, we offer a wide variety of products and different high-quality brands you can choose from. The space your kitchen has, the amount of food you want to keep, and how much a blast chiller cost will determine which blast chiller or freezer will be your new best friend in your kitchen. If your kitchen does not have the space for a roll-in or roll-thru blast chiller, you can buy a small blast freezer that you can put under your counter. If you have concerns about the blast chiller price, you can purchase a blast chiller for sale.


High Quality and Affordable Blast Chiller Freezer Brands


Here on Chef’s Deal, you can find the best brands of commercial blast chillers and commercial blast freezers of the country such as American Panel, Victory, Beverage Air Blast Chiller. You can compare different types and choose the one to address your budget and your kitchen’s needs the best. You can decide on a roll-in, or a reach-in, or under the counter an American Panel blast chiller. If you want a bigger option, check out a Victory blast chiller with a roll-thru feature. However, if you are looking for a smaller, under the counter one, we think you should not pick one without looking at a Beverage Air blast chiller.


If you are having trouble with your finances or cannot decide on what type of a commercial blast chiller or freezer you need, we are happy to help you. You can simply reach us using the live chat, ChefsBot, on our website and we will gladly do our best to solve any issue you encounter on Chef’s Deal.