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Commercial Blast Chillers and Commercial Blast Freezers: Fast and Healthy Cooling

Commercial blast chillers and commercial blast freezers are the critical commercial refrigeration equipment that will help you comply with the FDA Rules that requires the cooling of foods from 135°F to 70°F within two hours and from 135°F to 41°F within a total of six hours. They are specifically intended for cooling and freezing food products (meat, fruits, and vegetables) in a remarkably shorter time when compared to regular commercial freezers and refrigerators. Commercial blast chillers and blast freezers quickly remove the heat to let the food cool or freeze without creating much moisture inside. This procedure intends to maintain the initial condition of the food for later use and consumption. Furthermore, blast chilling and blast freezing prevents bacteria growth during the cooling process and maintains food safety. It also ensures the maximum protection of the freshness and tastiness of the foods by safeguarding their vitamins, minerals, and vibrant look after thawing.

Which One Should You Choose?: Commercial Blast Chillers vs. Commercial Blast Freezers

It should be noted that there is a significant difference between the commercial blast chillers and commercial blast freezers. Blast chillers are designed to cool the food products down to the appropriate levels within 24 hours. Thus, it will not be necessary for you to thaw these products if you use or sell those in a short time. Blast freezers, however, are primarily produced to freeze the products quickly to conserve them for more extended periods.

1. Commercial Blast Chillers

Commercial blast chillers, as its name suggests, are designed to chill the products for preserving them for shorter periods, that is, up to five days, for later use, sale or consumption. If you are in the food industry and searching for the healthiest and the tastiest way of food storing, commercial blast chillers are the perfect solution for you.

How Cold Is A Commercial Blast Chiller?

Commercial blast chillers can rapidly decrease the food temperature from 175°F to around 40°F. This shorter cooling process will keep the inner moisture of the food inside, thereby conserving its texture and taste. It will also enable you to store it chilled.

Reach-In Blast Chillers

Reach-in commercial blast chillers provide an easy-access cooling area for the kitchen staff. After preparing the food products and meals, these commercial blast chillers can cool them to safe temperature levels until they are sold, used, or moved to the freezers for longer waiting periods.

Roll-in blast chillers and Roll-thru commercial blast chillers are other types of reach-in blast chillers. They are perfect for a seamless and fast workflow by offering you to move trays from the oven directly into the cooling space (when the trays are the same size). These types of blast chillers are particularly suitable for restaurants, hotels, and other large-volume food caterers with their larger handling capacity.

Undercounter Blast Chillers

Undercounter blast chillers fit your production line and provide efficient use during food preparation. These undercounter blast chillers can quickly cool down your meat, poultry, and fish products as well as the other fresh foods. Thanks to their smaller size and lower prices, they are appropriate for small kitchens and businesses.

2. Commercial Blast Freezers: The Healthiest Way of Long Term Food Storing

Commercial blast freezers are designed to freeze the products in the shortest time to ensure the maintenance of the taste and texture of the foods you have prepared. These commercial blast freezers can decrease the temperature to extremely low levels. This shock freezing process can keep the initial flavor and moist of the food products and inhibit bacteria growth. Hence, they enable you to prepare a large stock of foods beforehand to use them even all year round.

How Cold Is A Commercial Blast Freezer?

Commercial blast freezers can reach about -184 °F but, to meet the requirements and necessities of a commercial kitchen, purchasing a commercial blast freezer that can run at -40°F at shock freezing will be sufficient.

Reach-In Blast Freezers

Reach-in blast freezers will undoubtedly help your staff to speed up preparation and storage. These reach-in blast freezers can be placed in the back of the house, and ready-made food products can efficiently be cooled and stored. You or your staff can easily find them within your reach in these blast chillers when needed for service.

Roll-in blast freezers provide both the functions and practicality of a blast freezer while offering ample storage as well. These commercial blast freezers can hold a large number of trays for freezing.

Roll-thru commercial blast freezers have large empty cavities to place the roll in tray racks. Furthermore, they enable double-sided loading and unloading, increasing operational efficiency by connecting the cooking and refrigeration sections through food-safe cooling-freezing equipment. 

3. Commercial Blast Chiller Freezers

For lower volume kitchen freezing and chilling needs, you can select the suitable one for you among the models that combine the two functions in one piece of equipment. These commercial blast chiller freezer combos bring a moıre economic and space-saving alternative.

Reach-In Blast Chiller Freezers

Reach-in blast chiller freezers will bring a multipurpose commercial refrigeration unit by combining the blast freezing and blast chilling in one place. These upright blast chiller freezers offer sufficient space for chilling your pre-made food in addition to the blast freezing function when you need to store the taste of your meals and delicacies for a long time.

Undercounter Blast Chiller Freezer

Undercounter blast freezers can save your space, energy, and money by presenting you with a combined solution. Undercounter blast chillers and freezers can cool up to 7 pans at a time, which will be enough for low-volume operations. Furthermore, these commercial blast chillers freezers can hold for extended periods to maintain their safety and freshness.

Countertop Blast Chiller Freezer

Countertop blast chillers and freezers are suitable for low-volume operations.   while they can free up space for the production utilities placed under the counter, these countertop blast chillers and freezers will bring the advantages of a commercial blast chiller at reasonable prices.

To sum up, a blast chiller and a blast freezer are not going to help you only in quickly cooling down the temperature of cooked and baked food, but also they will prevent bacterial growth in your food. By buying a blast freezer or a blast chiller, you will lengthen the shelf-life of your food, retain the nutrients, and shorten the cooking and preparation time and thus increase the efficiency in your kitchen.


Chefs’ Deal carries all these types of commercial blast chillers and commercial blast freezers, as well as the blast chiller freezer parts and accessories. Depending on your operational capacity and working needs, you can select the most suitable option among the products by American Panel, Beverage-Air, Electrolux Professional, Infrico USA, Victory, and other manufacturers that Chef’s Deal offers.