Outdoor Griddles

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More Versatile Cooking With Outdoor Griddles

Outdoor griddles are portable commercial cooking equipment particularly designed for use outside. They are made of cast-iron or stainless steel flat plate over gas burners. The body features removable drain trays to catch grease and splash guards surrounding the griddle area. This durable and easy-to-clean main body is welded to a base with legs. The heavy-duty casters make the unit completely mobile. The bottom part can be used as a shelf for storing grilling utensils or seasoning products. Most outdoor griddles also have a propane tank holder on the back. 

Dining outdoors has become increasingly popular as a social activity. Therefore, many foodservice establishments and on-site caterers have appliances to cook and serve dishes outside. BBQs and grills are already widespread as cooking equipment in the open. An outdoor griddle is a more versatile alternative. It can cook almost everything – steaks, fish, chicken – that a grill can, not vice versa.

Outdoor griddles are three types: metal plate, countertop, and freestanding. A metal plate is not a separate griddle but an accessory that you can use over a grill. Countertop gas griddles can be used as outdoor kitchen griddles. Many brands now offer freestanding outdoor gas griddles that provide a large cooking surface over multiple burners. They can have up to 10 burners, which means more consistent heat distribution across the griddle plate.

You can find outdoor electric griddles, but the portability of propane gas tanks makes the outdoor gas griddles the norm. Outdoor griddles are becoming more and more flexible and versatile with added features. For instance, Crown Verity offers accessories like grates for grilling function, an end shelf where your finished products can rest, and a roll dome to keep items warm.


Chef’s Deal has premium-quality outdoor griddles for your hotel, club, restaurant, or catered events. You may also see our other commercial griddles for versatile cooking in your kitchen.