Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial dishwashers are the essential elements in industrial kitchens because of their direct influence on the service quality and operational hygiene in restaurants, cafes, bars, and other food caterers. Industrial dishwashers facilitate and accelerate the cleaning process in commercial kitchens and ensure the fulfillment of sanitary conditions as concluded by FDA Food Code 2017. Read More

Glass Washer Machines

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Commercial glass washers clean & sanitize all your glassware efficiently. They eliminate manual labor & enable you to comply with the local codes. 


Undercounter Dishwashers

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Commercial undercounter dishwashers have high-quality sanitation and speed, keeping your business up to code and improving your kitchen efficiency.


Door Type Dishwashers

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Door-type dishwashers are durable and offer perfect solutions for heavy-trafficked food business services by ensuring sanitizing and cleaning.


Conveyor Dishwashers

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Conveyor dishwashers, which include all washing and drying cycles,  extensively clean & sanitize high-volume dishes and enable personnel labor and time.


Pot, Pan & Utensil Washers

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Pot, pan, and utensil dishwashers are the ideal choices with their load design, capacity, and service time for high-volume commercial kitchens.


Bar Glass Washers & Polishers

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Bar glass washers and polishers provide clean & hygienic glasses and help you run your bar smoothly by providing an efficient workflow.


Cutlery / Silverware Burnishing Machines

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Cutlery cleaner machines perfectly restore the former conditions of the expensive cutlery by fixing their cuts & scratches and polishing them.


Rinse Stations

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Bar rinse stations allow you to quickly and efficiently clean the drink-making tools and shakers and help you have a well-organized and fast service.


Commercial Dishwasher Parts & Accessories

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You can keep your commercial dishwashing equipment intact and keep your workflow steady with commercial dishwasher parts and accessories.


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Commercial Dishwashers Increase Your Kitchen Efficiency

Commercial dishwashers are the essential elements in industrial kitchens because of their direct influence on the service quality and operational hygiene in restaurants, cafes, bars, and other food caterers. Industrial dishwashers facilitate and accelerate the cleaning process in commercial kitchens and ensure the fulfillment of sanitary conditions as concluded by FDA Food Code 2017.

The Differences Between Commercial Dishwashers and the Residential Dishwashers

Almost everybody wonders how the industrial dishwashing machines can complete cleaning in five minutes, while residential dishwashers take up to three and half hours to complete. This is actually a result of the differences in their designing purposes and running features.

  • While commercial dishwashing machines are designed for handling tens of dish racks a day, regular dishwashers can only wash a limited amount of dishes for a family.
  • Commercial dishwashers are designed to comply with the restaurant kitchen rush by rapidly cleaning the dishes, but residential dishwashers do not have such a concern.
  • Commercial kitchen dishwashers, more significantly, apply an additional process of sanitation either through high temperature (high temp dishwashers) or using more commercial dishwasher sanitizers (low temp dishwashers).
  • Commercial kitchen dishwashers can reach high-temperature levels as required by FDA to sanitize the dishes and glasses.
  • Industrial dishwashers for commercial kitchens save labor, and thus, your staff can deal with other operations.

Types of Dishwashers

Commercial kitchen dishwashers have different design goals, running techniques, and sizes. Therefore, you should be knowledgeable about these facts to choose the best commercial dishwasher for your business.

Firstly, the main difference is based on how the restaurant dishwashers clean the dishes. As sanitation is the primary purpose of these industrial dishwashers, they either use a higher volume of detergents or raise the temperature to higher levels that the microbes cannot survive. The first group of restaurant dishwasher machines using chemical cleaning are called commercial low temp dishwashers. The other commercial dishwashing machines, high-temp dishwashers, use heat to sanitize the dishes by raising the temperature.

The other difference among the commercial kitchen dishwashers results from their sizes. Depending on your needs and available area in your kitchen, you can opt for small industrial dishwashers, compact commercial dishwashers, or corner commercial dishwashers. Furthermore, if you have outdoor operations and services, you can buy a portable commercial dishwasher that will accompany you everywhere you serve.

The last classification of the commercial kitchen dishwashers depends on their designing intentions, and their types are explained below for your consideration.

Commercial Glass Washer Machines

Commercial glass washer machines are essential equipment for businesses that handle numerous mugs and glasses every day. Hence, commercial glasswashers are the perfect addition to the bars, restaurants, cafes, or hospitals’ warewashing inventory. These commercial bar dishwashers offer quick cleaning and sanitation for the glasses and mugs without scratching or damaging. Hence, they can spare your bar staff to keep up with the customers' orders. Furthermore, you can also opt for commercial undercounter glass washers that will open more space for the bar equipment on their counter.

Cutlery Cleaner Machines

Cutlery Cleaner Machines  (cutlery dryer-polisher/flatware dryer-polisher) is a must-have for restaurants and cafes to rapidly dry and polish their silverware for a shiny look. These cutlery burnishers also provide regular and easy maintenance of the utensils.

Door Type Dishwasher

Door-type dishwashers are upright commercial dishwashers that will both save you space and personnel. These industrial dishwashers can be of different sizes for varying needs and can be used as corner dishwashing machines to fit your kitchen layout. Furthermore, you can opt for double rack commercial dishwashers or single rack industrial dishwashers, depending on your dish volume. Moreover, while low temp door type commercial dishwashers enable you to sanitize the dishes with additional detergents at low temperatures, high temp commercial dishwashers offer sanitation at the high level of temperatures.

Round dishwashers are another type of restaurant dishwashers, which feature a round design to handle many round dish racks at a time. Their running system is designed to maximize water saving with efficient washing and cleaning process by spraying the water in every part through the rotating arms.

Conveyor Dishwasher

Conveyor dishwashers provide a suitable solution for high-volume food catering businesses and busy kitchens to keep dishes, plates, cutlery, and glasses clean and ready for serving. These commercial dishwashers can offer high temp or low temp cleaning types depending on your preference. You can decide the running direction of these commercial kitchen equipment conveyor systems according to your kitchen layout.

Pot, Pan, and Utensil Washer

Pot and pan washers are designed to clean the larger pots and pans than the plates and glasses. Thus, this type of industrial kitchen dishwashers features larger door clearance and has options for front or straight loading types as well as single or double rack loading levels.

Undercounter Dishwasher

Commercial undercounter dishwashers provide fast cleaning and sanitizing for the bars, restaurants, hospitals, or other food and drink catering businesses. Additionally, these small commercial dishwashers cover less space in the kitchen or under the bar as a commercial bar. You can even have one of these undercounter commercial dishwashers for your home.

There are many options for undercounter dishwashers with different features by many vendors. Therefore, you can purchase a Hobart, CMA, Electrolux, Jackson, or a Champion undercounter dishwasher as low-temperature professional dishwashers or high-temperature industrial dishwashers.

However, you may not have available space under the counter in your bar or need a small commercial dishwasher for your food truck. In this case, countertop dishwashers are more suitable for your conditions.

How to Decide on a Commercial Dishwasher?

Commercial dishwashers have various features, capabilities, sizes, and types to address different needs. Therefore, before buying an industrial dishwasher, you should consider your needs and resources as well as getting to know the different types of commercial kitchen dishwashers.

Consider Your Needs

The practicality and the benefits of commercial dishwashers depend mainly on the conditions they work. Furthermore, your business capacity and the number of dishes that you need to handle a day are other factors that you need. Additionally, your business type will also be determining aspects during a dishwasher purchase. Accordingly, if you need a dishwasher for a bar, an undercounter glass washer will be a perfect solution. However, when you intend to buy an industrial dishwasher for a hotel kitchen, then conveyor-type dishwashers are the proper answer.

Available Financial Resources

You will see that the commercial dishwashers require a significant initial investment, and therefore, some businesses avoid buying an industrial dishwasher and remain stuck with the residential dishwashers. However, if you are a small business owner or do not want to pay all the amount at once, you can also benefit from the financing options that we provide.

The Running and Maintenance of the Commercial Dishwashers

The Food Code 2017 by FDA concludes that “the surface temperature must reach at least 71ºC (160ºF)” and the sanitizing rinse temperature is required to be within “the lower temperature limits of 74ºC (165ºF) for a stationary rack, single temperature machine, and 82ºC (180ºF) for other machines.”

How to delime a commercial dishwasher?

The intense work and the wet working conditions inside the commercial dishwashers may gradually result in limescale building up. This will create a dirty look and adversely affect the performance of the industrial dishwashers.

Thus, the commercial dishwashing machines need daily and careful maintenance cleaning to prevent the formation of limescale. You or your staff can apply the following instructions to avoid the limescale formation and delime the commercial dishwasher:

  1. As daily maintenance, completely clean your dishwasher. You should drain the water, clean the nozzles with fresh water.
  2. The filter of the commercial kitchen dishwashers requires regular check and emptying to enable better drainage and prevent clogging.
  3. It would be best if you used a water softener.
  4. To delime your industrial dishwasher, you can use descaler products and run the machine after pouring the specified amount descaler inside.

Best Commercial Dishwashers

Chef’s Deal commercial restaurant supply store carries the best commercial dishwashers with different sizes, features, and ENERGY STAR models. On our website, you can also find industrial dishwashers from Hobart, Champion, Electrolux, Jackson, FMP, and others.