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  1. Special Price $4,968.64 $5,138.52

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  10. $7,590.50

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  11. $10,030.00

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  12. $4,887.75

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  13. $7,239.00

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  14. $10,030.00

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  15. $7,362.50

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  16. $28,900.00

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  20. $5,890.00

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  21. $3,390.00

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  22. $3,097.00

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  23. $10,530.00

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  24. $6,866.64

    FINANCE FOR: $167.64/mo.

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  25. $3,980.50

    FINANCE FOR: $97.18/mo.

  26. $9,620.00

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  27. $10,980.00

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  28. $7,000.00

    FINANCE FOR: $170.89/mo.

  29. $6,270.00

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  30. $6,270.00

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The number of restaurant-grade juicers can be overwhelming on the market, however, Chef’s Deal’s list of selection includes the ones with proven performance and top technical specifications rated and reviewed by our customers.

Offer Healthy Alternatives with Commercial Juicers


If you are running a bar, a restaurant or a cafe, the commercial juicer is one of your staple tools compared to handheld restaurant juicer. Customers enjoy a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade or orange juice without any additives. Ensuring them with this one-of-a-kind quality requires the right commercial juicer.


You might wonder “but which restaurant juice machine is the best?” and “which professional juicing machine can meet the needs for my business?” Well, that depends on which features you want on a juicer and also depends on the amount of the juice you will get. However, the biggest difference between home and the commercial juicer is, commercial juicer machine is built out of durable materials for long-lasting performance equipped with a strong motor to work more efficiently with a longer duty cycle.


Which one is the Best Commercial Juicer for Your Business?


There are mainly three types of commercial grade juicers widely use within the industry:


Citrus juicers are great to make tasty orange juice. It is recommended for restaurants, bars with a breakfast menu. Citrus juicers are handheld machines and used by squeezing handles to complete the extraction. Do not forget to check Zumex commercial juicer with pulp extractor feature if you are planning to have a citrus juicer!


Centrifugal juicers are the best option for businesses reaching a volume of orders compared to small businesses and speed matters a great deal. They have built-in loud motors allowing them to be used at wider spaces compared to small bars and cafes. Need more help during rush hours? Hamilton Beach commercial juicer by Chef’s Deal here to prepare dozens of orders in a blink of an eye.


Commercial cold press juicer, on the other hand, is the best pick by juice bars, gym centres where the quality of the juice should make a difference. If you also want your place to be renown with its tasty juice, cold press commercial juicer for sale has everything one is looking for from a juicing machine. Waring commercial juicer can be found here by Chef’s Deal guarantee.


Chef’s Deal runs to your help just when you are confused with a long list of options by offering you the best commercial juicer for sale. From Waring, Zumex and Hamilton beach commercial juicers to many other professional options are listed to help you make the best decision for your business. Rest assured, what you need from a juicer is, what we have at Chef’s Deal.