Mexican Restaurant Supplies

Mexican restaurant supplies are exclusively designed commercial kitchen equipment that will enable you to cook the items on your menu with the highest quality, taste, and texture. Read More

Tortilla Grills, Makers & Presses

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You can automize your tortilla production from flattening dough balls into tortillas to grilling them with commercial tortilla grills, makers & presses.

Commercial Deep Fryers

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You can fry vegetables, dough products, chicken wings, and fish; also prepare healthy and satisfying appetizers with commercial deep fryers.

Fruit & Vegetable Cutters

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Fruit and vegetable cutters chop, slice, wedge, peel, and reduce the labor and time spent on preparing healthy fruit & vegetable menus.

Rice Cookers & Warmers

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Commercial rice cookers enable you to prepare a worry-free large amount of rice and grain for your customers and make all processes easy.


Countertop Steamers

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Commercial countertop steamers are suitable solutions for small foodbusiness establishments with a high volume to prepare vegetables and tender meats faster.


Salamander Broilers

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Commercial Salamander Broilers are a type of broilers mounted on a range, oven, or countertop. With their high temperature, you can brown the top layer of the food before serving.


Cheese Melters

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Commercial cheese melters help you serve delicious tastes with finishing food and melting cheese. They are also good at warming, reheating, and finishing.


Food Processors

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Food processors make food preparation more efficient and faster by chopping, dicing, slicing, shredding, grinding, and pureeing many different ingredients.


Commercial Blenders

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You can chop ice, vegetables, and fruits with commercial blenders that are heavy workers in commercial kitchens to make smoothies, cocktails, soup, and more.


Frozen Drink & Slushie Machines

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Commercial frozen drink & slushie machines have automatic mixing and high-performance features and fast freezing time, increasing the efficiency of serving.


Condiment, Topping & Sauce Warmers

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Commercial condiments, topping, and sauce warmers keep your sweet and delectable treats at perfect warm serving temperatures with the perfect finishing touch.


Concession Equipment

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A piece of well-chosen concession equipment helps you serve low-cost delicious street foods at high profits and keep up your customers lined up.


Salad Spinners & Lettuce Dryers

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You can dry vegetables, keep them for longer, increase the taste of your salads and make them better with salad vegetable spinners & lettuce dryers.


Mexican Restaurant Supplies: A Fistful of Tastiest Tacos and More…

Mexican restaurant supplies are exclusively designed commercial kitchen equipment that will enable you to cook the items on your menu with the highest quality, taste, and texture.

Essential Equipment for a Mexican Restaurant Kitchen

Like all other food businesses, Mexican restaurants should be outfitted with basic restaurant equipment for food preparation, cooking, and refrigeration, in addition to Mexican kitchen supplies.

1. Commercial Refrigeration

All perishables, frozen treats, and fresh ingredients need to be kept under proper conditions to prevent bacteria growth and product waste, in addition to the requirement for full compliance with the FDA regulations. Ranging from walk-in cooler-freezers and reach-in refrigerators to refrigerated salad prep tables and refrigerated merchandisers, commercial refrigeration units will help you present the best dishes to your customers with fresh and safe ingredients. 

2. Commercial Food Preparation

The right food preparation tools in your commercial Mexican restaurant kitchen will not only facilitate food preparation for your personnel and increases workflow efficiency but also enhance the quality of your recipes with better texture, flavor, and greater taste. 

  • Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Cutters: These Mexican restaurant supplies will save much time and labor in your kitchen by enabling you an easy and quick way to quickly cut, slice, and peel vegetables for cooking or adding to salads with consistent shape and size. 
  • Commercial Blenders: Mexican cuisine is also famous for its great sauces, and therefore, getting a commercial blender will provide you convenience beyond your expectation. You can quickly chop and blend the ingredients for guacamole or salsa to serve along with steak or nachos. You can also prepare your ice and fruits for the frozen drinks with the bar blenders.
  • Commercial Dough Mixers: Tacos are any Mexican restaurant's exclusive and most favored taste. Thus, you should have sufficient capacity to cook as many tortillas as possible, particularly during peak hours. Commercial dough mixers will efficiently handle this process with their sturdy construction and powerful mixing mechanisms. 
  • Commercial Food Processors: Commercial food processors are essential to enhance work efficiency in a commercial kitchen while enabling you to enrich your menu with the tastiest dishes.
  • Salad Spinners & Lettuce Dryers: Salads and herbs are frequently served next to Mexican dishes. So, it is wise to add a salad spinner and dryer to the Mexican restaurant supplies list to prolong the preservation period of the veggies while serving them fresh. 

3. Commercial Cooking Equipment for Mexican Restaurants

Among the Mexican restaurant supplies needed in Mexican restaurants, commercial cooking equipment ranks higher in the Mexican restaurant supplies list to make sure you have the right cooking equipment for various recipes in a diversified menu. 

  • Commercial Ranges: As the central cooking station in every commercial kitchen, commercial ranges are also great utilities as Mexican restaurant supplies in the restaurants. These units combine ovens and burners, and even grills to present an extensive cooking station. You are also advised to purchase a taco range that is a specifically designed taco tool to provide easy and practical taco cooking on cast iron burners. 
  • Commercial Deep Fryers: Whether you serve potato wedges or crispy Mexican nachos, commercial deep fryers will be the most suitable option to place in your kitchen. They are of great and practical use as Mexican restaurant supplies with their very high oil temperature levels, large cooking capacity, energy, and oil efficiency. 
  • Rice Cookers and Warmers: Mexican restaurants serve rice either as a side to many different dishes or use them as stuffing in some foods like tamales. So, including a rice cooker in your Mexican restaurant supplies list will enable you to cook tasty rice and the rice warmers to keep the pre-cooked product ready for service just in seconds. 
  • Salamander Broilers: You can put a final touch on your dishes by browning, caramelizing, or melting them with salamander broilers.
  • Cheesemelters: Cheese is indispensable for Mexican cuisine, and it is used as a topping or finishing touch for many dishes. So getting cheesemelter as a part of Mexican restaurant supplies will help you create an attractive meal with a brownish and mouthwatering cheese that will augment your customers dining joy.

4. Commercial Tortilla Makers and Presses

Tortilla is the flagship of any Mexican restaurant, and it serves as the base of delicious tacos, enchiladas, or burritos. They are made from corn or wheat flour and feature a thin round shape. To maximize your customer potential, you should also excel in the taste of your tortillas with the most suitable Mexican restaurant supplies.

  • Tortilla Maker Machines: Almost all Mexican restaurant kitchens have tortilla machines designed to make large volumes of finely shaped and spread tortillas. These Mexican restaurant supplies boast a versatile design as they can both flatten and cook the tortillas. 
  • Tortilla Presses: Tortilla presses are a relatively lower-priced alternative for rapid tortilla making. These Mexican restaurant supplies have heated surfaces and can fastly flatten the tortillas when you place a tortilla dough between the press. They can make standard-shaped tortillas with the same thickness throughout your working day, allowing you to save labor while presenting a standardized tortilla recipe.
  • Taco Grills: Taco grills can also be considered as complementary Mexican restaurant supplies to the tortilla presses. They can rapidly cook the tortillas and get them ready for taco or burrito orders.
  • Tortilla Press and Grill: Tortilla press and grills are designed to minimize manual labor with an automated system of a press to prepare consistently shaped tortillas and a grill that allows you to cook these tortillas quickly.
  • Tortilla Press and Oven: Manufactured for industrial and large-volume tortilla production, tortilla press and oven systems feature a tortilla press and an electric or gas-powered oven that can cook tortillas continuously.
  • Tortilla Warmers and Tortilla Steamers: Tortillas are best to eat when they are warm and soft. Thus, the best solution to keep your freshly made tortillas tasty enough for service is to keep them in a tortilla warmer or quickly re-heat them in countertop steamers. These Mexican restaurant supplies are compact and can easily fit in the smaller spaces on your countertop.

5. Sauce Warmers

You will offer various kinds of sauce to your customers to enable them to maximize the taste of your best recipes. Sauce warmers will help you keep your dressing at the best texture and taste while keeping them within your reach.

6. Nacho Chip Warmers and Merchandisers

Nachos can be an appetizer for your new coming customers or can be served with tacos. You can also serve them warm by directly moving them into a nacho chip warmer to make sure they are crispy and warm for the utmost taste. You can also attract more customers by keeping your nachos warm and displaying them with the nacho display and warmers.

7. Frozen Drink Machines & Slushie Machines

Frozen drink and slushie machines are versatile Mexican restaurant supplies that will help you make icey slushies and smoothies while displaying the zest of customers to encourage them to get a cup of refreshing drink.


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