Commercial Fruit & Vegetable Cutters

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Speed Up Food Prepping With Commercial Vegetable Cutters

Commercial vegetable cutters are manual or electric food processing equipment for cutting fruit and vegetables in any way you want. They are designed to automatize the dicing, chopping, slicing, coring, and peeling tasks. A knife can also do these jobs, but with a lot of hassle and mess. Fruit cores, juice, skins, and vegetable pieces spread over the floors and worktops can cause filthy and sticky surfaces. Commercial vegetable cutting machines have blades or discs to chop vegetables for soups, dice fresh produce for sauces and dips, or core fruit for drink garnishes, enabling you to keep the worktables clean.

Types Of Commercial Vegetable Cutters

In the market, you can find some commercial vegetable cutters specialized in individual tasks, while others can offer more versatile use. Classification is mainly based on the shapes each commercial vegetable chopper creates. Safe and easy operation is a standard feature in fruit and vegetable slicers. They work with the turn of a crank, pull of a string, or push of a button. The result is consistently-shaped slices, cubes, wedges, or cuts of fruit and vegetables.

Vegetable dicers are multifunctional units that can slice, dice, core, or wedge fruit and vegetables. They have several sizes of sharp blades or discs to cut products into different shapes for your salad bars or fruit trays, and slice sizes can vary from as thin as 3/8 to 1 inch in thickness. Mandoline slicers are handheld alternatives that can also make thick cuts or paper-thin slices.

Some juicy or delicate items may require a more customized commercial vegetable cutter and commercial fruit cutter. Fast spinning blades or discs may damage and cause product waste in such vegetables. For instance, tomato slicers feature razor-sharp thin blades to cut tomatoes, retaining the juice and protecting the flesh and skin. Another specialized commercial vegetable slicer is French fry cutters. They can process even the biggest potatoes into 1/4, 3/8, or ½ square-cut slices. Coring pineapples, onions, tomatoes, or apples will also need a specialized tool for minimum product waste, and fruit and vegetable corer tools can do the task at their best.

Wedgers cut uniform wedges with optimum freshness for specialty menus. These commercial vegetable cutters can wedge lemons, limes, and oranges for beverage operations. You can also use them to diversify your salad bar by wedging tomatoes, zucchinis, cucumbers, pickles, and more. Appearance is as crucial as taste, and vegetable turning slicers can create more attractive veggie garnishes for your signature dishes. Peeling potatoes is a very time-consuming food prep task. Commercial peelers can peel thousands of potatoes per hour, saving time in busy kitchens.

Commercial vegetable cutters come in handheld, manual, or automatic models. You can breeze through the whole food prepping process if you purchase a power drive unit with various attachment hubs. Their powerful motors operating at multiple speeds can slice, chop, shred, dice, grind, or tenderize your ingredients. They supply the necessary power for whatever head component you attach to them.

Quick Tips For Buying Commercial Vegetable Cutters

When choosing a suitable commercial vegetable cutter among many types and a host of features, paying attention to the following points might help you make a more strategic decision. 

  • Blades: Blades or discs are the most critical parts of commercial vegetable dicers. Be sure that they're stainless steel if you want increased durability. Also, the number of blades is worth checking. More blades mean more functionality and better performance.
  • User Friendliness: When buying an industrial vegetable chopper, you're spending money for something you can do with a knife and cutting board. Therefore, ease of operation is crucial to get your money's worth. Plus, the components should come apart quickly for effortless cleaning.
  • Parts & Accessories: Food prepping is one of the most frequent tasks in a restaurant kitchen. Make sure you have easy access to commercial vegetable cutter replacement parts to prevent interruptions in your workflow.