Dish Cabinets

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Dish Cabinets: Strong as a Rock

Dish cabinets are designed to store your clean tableware after cleaning until they are used for service. These plate cabinets are required in the commercial kitchens of restaurants, hotels, cafes, hospitals, bars, and other food and drink serving establishments to keep their dinnerware and beverageware in a secure, clean and protective space.

Features of Dish Cabinets

Dish cabinets come with various features designed to address tableware storage needs. Hence, they offer significant advantages over regular cabinets.

  • Sturdiness: Dish storage cabinets are manufactured from stainless steel (16-18 gauge) to provide a reliable construction. Therefore, they can handle large capacities and withstand rigorous use in commercial kitchens. Dish cabinets also have solid tops to accommodate plate stacks while organizing the plate shelving.
  • Open Design: These stainless steel restaurant cabinets provide easy access with their open-front style.
  • Shelves: Dish cabinets are furnished with a middle rack, creating two separate sections to facilitate organization. This design will allow you to stack plates, mugs, and cooking utensils in different sections. So you or your staff can easily find what they are looking for.   
  • Practical Use: Dish cabinets offer adjustable shelves, and thus, you can easily adjust the shelf height to place taller items.
  • Easy-cleaning: Since dish cabinets are made of stainless steel, debris and food particles do not pile up in the scratches. Additionally, these stainless restaurant cabinets are elevated on stainless steel legs, which enable easy cleaning and mop.


Dish cabinets are perfect additions to the commercial kitchens and contribute to workflow efficiency by facilitating plate, mug, and glass storage procedures. Chef's Deal, a reliable restaurant supply store just nearby, carries dish cabinets of different sizes and capacities by Tarrison and Klinger's Trading.