Restaurant Table Tops

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Create A Unique Dining Setting with Restaurant Table Tops

Restaurant table tops provide greater flexibility in arranging your seating plan and décor harmony. The floor plan differs depending on the restaurant type and the amount of foot traffic. Mixing and matching table tops and bases enable you to design custom settings that meet your unique needs and look that reflect the vibe you want to create. Restaurant table tops are available in almost limitless options. Three key points can guide your purchase.

  • Shape: Restaurant table tops are typically in three shapes. You can squeeze more people around a round top than a same-sized square or rectangular table. Yet, they are less practical when joining tables to host larger parties.
  • Size: Restaurant table top size matters in how many people they can accommodate and how they fit your space. Use the following information to plan your seating capacity. Try to keep your floor space manageable for staff and guests to maneuver while maximizing the capacity.
  • Material: Restaurant tabletop material is crucial in several respects. If you buy outdoor tables, the top should be durable against spills or extreme weather. Plus, it should blend with your restaurant's concept and overall layout. The most common tabletop materials are wood, laminate, plastic, granite, steel, and resin.


The variety of restaurant table tops at Chef's Deal can inspire you to create beautiful styles, from traditional and rustic to contemporary and upscale. You can also browse the restaurant table bases to pair with the tops and restaurant tables for other options.