Glass Door Merchandising Freezers

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  13. Special Price $8,038.00

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  14. Special Price $5,169.00

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  15. Special Price $6,745.39

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  16. Special Price $5,828.96

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  17. Special Price $9,807.30

    FINANCE FOR: $239.43/mo.

  18. Special Price $5,169.00

    FINANCE FOR: $126.19/mo.

  19. Special Price $5,373.90 $5,607.55

    FINANCE FOR: $131.19/mo.

  20. Special Price $3,747.74 $3,910.68

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  22. Discontinued

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Glass Door Merchandising Freezers: Ideal Equipment To Keep Your Frozen Food

Glass door merchandising freezers are ideal equipment to add to your business floor to increase your sales. Merchandiser freezers are designed to create an attractive appeal to your customers through see-through doors, illuminated cabinets, and chic exterior finishing. Furthermore, these glass door merchandisers provide a tasty and secure place for your frozen treats and tastes by maintaining a safe temperature level.

There are various glass door merchandising freezer models with different designs, features, and styles. These commercial restaurant equipment have a wide range of use in restaurants, delis, cafés, convenience stores, supermarkets, and even gas stations.

Which products will be stocked and how much of these products will be kept are the main point to determine the most suitable glass door merchandising freezer. All commercial refrigeration equipment needs room for circulating the cold air around the stocked products to cool down the cabinet. Hence, you should size up your capacity to allocate some space for the air circulation and avoid overfilling your glass door merchandising freezer.

Secondly, you should evaluate your floor plan and layout to see where you can install glass door merchandising freezers. As commercial display freezers require air intake from the outside of the cabin, there must be a sufficient gap between the merchandiser freezer and other pieces of equipment. Thus, you should measure the dimensions of the intended place so that you can opt to buy the commercial display freezer at the right size and with convenient features.

What Are The Other Factors To Choose The Glass Door Merchandising Freezer?

Considering your needs, you can select the following features to decide the best choice for your business.

  • Merchandiser freezers offer a wide range of storing volumes from 7.8 cubic feet to large display freezers, accommodating up to 85 cubic feet.
  • You can also facilitate your purchase by deciding how many sections you will need for your products. There are various options ranging from single door glass front freezers, which can handle up to 35 cubic feet of products. Or you can prefer the larger models like 2- 3 door glass freezers and 4-5-6 door models with capacities up to 85 cubic feet.
  • Glassdoor merchandising freezers also come with door alternatives. While swing door freezers are relatively cheaper and offer a larger area for loading and reaching inside, they need extra space in front not to block the passage. The other option is the sliding door freezers. The sliding door is mounted on a rail, and it moves horizontally. Thus, it does not need any extra space.
  • Compressors are crucial for the constant cold air inside all the commercial refrigeration units. They can be mounted at the top or at the bottom, each of which will bring various advantages and disadvantages. The top-mounted compressors provide a larger storage room inside the cabinet and will need less maintenance. Bottom-mounted compressors elevate the bottom shelf for more comfortable working and consume less energy since they suck the cooler air at the bottom.
  • Some commercial swinging doors and sliding door freezers also have self-closing systems to keep the doors closed all the time to protect the interior cold and preserve the products inside. Additionally, these glass door merchandising freezers are equipped with LED lights to illuminate the interior cabinet better. To present more attraction for the customers, they can also have a back-lit signage area.


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