Commercial Can Openers & Crushers

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  1. $1,474.92

    FINANCE FOR: $36.01/mo.

  2. $7,228.74

    FINANCE FOR: $176.48/mo.

  3. $13,822.53

    FINANCE FOR: $337.45/mo.

  4. $6,895.71

    FINANCE FOR: $168.34/mo.

  5. $4,788.90

    FINANCE FOR: $116.91/mo.

  6. $3,900.48

    FINANCE FOR: $95.22/mo.

  7. $2,500.53

    FINANCE FOR: $61.05/mo.

  8. $2,210.85

    FINANCE FOR: $53.97/mo.

  9. $1,719.72

    FINANCE FOR: $41.98/mo.

  10. $1,607.52

    FINANCE FOR: $39.24/mo.

  11. $1,607.01

    FINANCE FOR: $39.23/mo.

  12. $1,501.44

    FINANCE FOR: $36.65/mo.

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Working with lots of cans throughout the day in your kitchen? Then, a commercial can opener is what you have been looking for to run daily operations better. At Chef’s Deal, there are many types of restaurant can openers to help you out with all! Now, it’s time to discover them and make a wise choice before you make your purchase.


Advantages of Using A Commercial Can Opener


A commercial kitchen can opener is designed for bulk use in busy commercial kitchens. You can make a choice among all these can opener types depending on how many cans you need to open per day and how intense the workload is. Then, you can choose one that Chef Deal offers among heavy duty and standard duty types. Besides, all the restaurant grade can openers here are NSF listed meaning that they are easy-to-clean and safe. For other can opener options, you can check out our crown punch can openers, electric can openers and table mount can openers. Be sure that finding the one that fits your restaurant’s needs won't be hard with all these options.


NSF listed can openers are also very durable. Most of them are made out of stainless steel so that they can be used for a lifetime. What you need more is an easy-use can opener if you run a busy restaurant. The units of your commercial can opener should be high-quality and practical to use. For instance, a commercial grade can opener blade should prevent metal from fraying and even prevent metal shavings from falling into the food.  It is only possible with a perfectly designed can opener and you can find it in Chef’s Deal’s wide product range.


If you still use traditional can openers that puncture and cut down into the lid from the top, then you have to think outside the can and start using a better technology to make your job easier. And Chef’s Deal offers this technology for you. You can have a look at the best commercial can openers here and make your choice considering the daily workload of your restaurant.