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Commercial Egg Stations: Perfectly Rounded, Precisely Cooked

What are Commercial Egg Stations?

Commercial egg stations are valuable commercial cooking equipment that will help restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other egg servicing businesses efficiently serve made-to-order egg recipes. These type of egg tools utilizes heat and steam to moisten the egg in perfect texture with precise cooking.

Commercial egg stations allow food establishments to add eggs to their menus without worrying about catching up with the orders, thanks to their remarkably shorter cooking times and consistent cooking level. These egg steaming devices are available with different capacities to meet the requirements of even the busiest restaurants with a high volume of customers.

Advantages of Commercial Egg Stations

Since egg stations are designed solely for cooking eggs, they offer significant advantages:

  • Restaurant egg cookers can save you space on your commercial griddle, which would typically be occupied by egg orders during a breakfast rush, and your cook can handle other requests.
  • Commercial egg makers shorten order preparation times, increase production with quick egg cooking, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • These industrial egg cookers are versatile units that will enable you to cook ham or re-heat bacon and sausages as well.
  • Egg stations ensure the presentation of consistently round-shaped poached eggs or omelets.

Types of Commercial Egg Stations

You find commercial egg stations are available with different models to cook an egg in various methods.

  1. Egg Fryer Stations: Commercial egg fryer stations are specifically designed egg equipment to cook an omelet for high volume requirements of busy restaurants, hotels, and cafes to prepare orders quickly. These units provide you assistance for grilling eggs in round tools for perfectly-shaped omelets.
  2. Egg Poacher Stations: Commercial egg poacher stations are produced to provide an efficient way of steaming eggs for making poached eggs.


As a trusted restaurant supply store, Chef's Deal also retains top-notch commercial egg stations and necessary parts and accessories to help you boost your sales by adding delicious egg recipes to your menu.