Restaurant Table Bases

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Restaurant Table Bases Compatible with Your Tabletops

Shopping for restaurant table bases requires careful attention to at least three key points:

  • First, you need to find a base strong enough to carry the weight of the top.
  • Second, you must match the base and top sizes for stability. A mismatch can cause an uncomfortable dining experience for guests.
  • Finally, color and design harmony can affect your restaurant's vibe. A wooden tabletop on a steel base can create a unique décor.

Namely, you must correctly combine the height, shape, and base-top match.

  1. Height: Below are the typical restaurant table base heights. However, remember that you also have bases with adjustable heights.
  • Restaurant dining table : 28" - 30"
  • Counter-height             : 34" - 36"
  • Bar height                    : 40" - 42"
  1. Shape: The shape of your restaurant table base is crucial for stability. Heavier tabletops may require unique base shapes to keep the balance well. 
  • Round table bases are usually heavier, perfect for granite or solid wood tops.
  • Square and rectangular bases must go with the same tabletop shapes. The wide base plate can provide greater balance.
  • Cross or X-prong bases are more versatile as they can be paired with all tabletop shapes.
  • T-shape or 2-prong bases supply stronger support for longer rectangular tops by placing one under either end.
  • Trestle table bases consist of two or three trestle stands. They give seaters more legroom and prevent wobbling.
  • Bolt-down bases maximize stability by securing the base to the floor.
  • Cantilever bases are wall-mount pedestals for rectangular tops.
  1. Size Match: The following information may help you find the ideal restaurant table base that matches your tabletop size.
Shape Top Size Base Spread
24" x 24" 22" x 22" or 17" round
36" x 36" 30" x 30" or 22" round
42" x 42" 36" x 36" or 30" round
24" x 30" 22" x 22" or 17" round
24" x 42" 22" x 30" or 22" round
30" x 60" (2) 22" x 22" or (2) 22" round
24" 22" x 22" or 17" round
36" 30" x 30" or 22" round
42" 36" x 36" or 30" round


Chef's Deal offers a large selection of restaurant table bases for your exact needs. You can also browse the table tops to achieve a perfect match, and for other options, please visit restaurant tables.