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Reach-In Freezers Are Commercial Freezers That Designed
For Heavy Duty Tasks

Reach-in freezers are indispensable in every commercial kitchen, whether in a restaurant, café, bar, pizzeria, ice cream parlor, or other foodservice outlets. They are crucial for any food business to safely and securely store frozen treats, meat, pre-made meals, desserts, or food ingredients. These commercial freezers are mainly designed for the heavy and weary conditions of commercial kitchens, and you can be sure that they will withstand these circumstances for more extended periods. But as always, the requirements of every commercial kitchen differ, and so do the features of the reach-in freezers.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Reach-in Freezer?

1. Intended Purpose of Use

The very first thing you should consider is your goal to purchase an industrial freezer. It would be best to decide whether you use the commercial reach-in freezer for storage purposes or place it in the front of the house to use it as a showcasing area to boost impulse sales. This will affect the basic features of your commercial freezer in terms of door types and capacity.

Furthermore, you may want to obtain a commercial stand up freezer to sustain the cold chain in your kitchen during the service or food preparation process. This will also change the suitable options for your needs.

2. Storage Capacity

Another thing to be well thought is required or demanded capacity of storage. As it will directly influence the size of the reach-in freezer, you should be careful in calculating your storage need. Additionally, it is necessary to size up the intended purchase considering the approximate storage need because the storage capacity of the restaurant freezers cannot be fully used, and you are recommended to leave some space for cold air circulation.

3. Working Conditions in the Kitchen

Reach in freezers have different features which are intended to work better in various conditions. Hence, you should take the circumstance in your kitchen into consideration. For instance, the existence of intense flour dust in bakery kitchens or increased heat due to the fryers alters the situation. Thus, you should adapt your preference accordingly.

The Features of the Reach-in Freezers

After specifying the conditions in your kitchen and determining the purpose of use, you can decide the right and appropriate option for your business. While exploring the right choice, you will discover many different models with varying features and specs available on the market. Therefore, you should have prior information about these while looking for the most suitable one.

What Are The Reach-In Freezer Door Types?

Reach-in freezers are manufactured with different types and numbers of doors. They serve different purposes and provide varying capacities.

  • Solid Door Freezer: Some models of reach-in freezers come with solid doors. These stainless steel freezers are designed to maintain the cold air inside better, thanks to the extensive insulation in the body and the solid doors. Hence, they are suitable for any commercial kitchen as their high resistance against heavy traffic and numerous openings even during peak hours with their energy efficiency.
  • Glass Door Freezer: Reach-in freezers with glass doors can be used as display freezers in any restaurant, café, convenience store, or market. Additionally, these glass freezers are appropriate for use as see-through storage doors in the back of the house. In both cases, these upright glass door freezers enable the personnel or customers to discover what is inside and decide without opening the doors.
  • Single Door Reach-in Freezers: These reach-in freezers only have one compartment, which is sealed by a full door. Single door reach-in freezers are suitable for compact spaces and limited need for freezing capacity.
  • 2 Door Reach-in Freezers and 3 Door Reach-in Freezers: When the freezing needs grow in a commercial kitchen, it is better to have one of these 2 door reach-in freezers or 3 door reach-in freezers that can handle up to 75 cubic feet of food. You can make a selection on our website from the Traulsen 3 door freezer or Traulsen 2 door freezers, Arctic Air 2 door freezers, or Migali 3 door freezers.
  • Roll-in Doors: Presenting a large cavity inside to accommodate a whole rack of pan rolling cart or pan slides from down to the top, these types of reach-in freezers are appropriate particularly for bakeries, hotel kitchens, restaurants, or cafes, which have heavy traffic and need a large number of desserts, pastries or meals.
  • Pass-thru Doors: These reach-in freezers are designed with double doors at each side to facilitate food service and storage without breaking the cold chain for the most delicious desserts, frozen treats, ice creams, or pre-made meals.

What Is The Best Compressor Location?

Compressors are the crucial components of commercial refrigeration units. They are responsible for cooling the interior cabinet by sucking the air outside to blow it by chilling it at first. As they are in direct contact with the outer air, the exterior conditions are vital for their performance. There are three main compressor types to offer the best performance under different conditions.

  • Top-mounted compressors: Top-mounted reach-in freezers are suitable for use, particularly in bakeries and pastry shops, creating much flour dust that may clog the compressor filters. Additionally, these restaurant freezers use the warmer air at the kitchen ceiling and contribute to the cooling of the environment.
  • Bottom mounted compressors: Commercial reach-in freezers also offer models with bottom mounted compressors. They are suitable for commercial kitchens with cleaner air and free from dust to prevent clogging. Furthermore, they are more energy-efficient as they use the cooler air at the bottom.
  • Remote compressors: Despite the requirement for much expertise for installing and moving, these commercial reach-in freezers with remote compressors have their compressor in another section of the building or the outside. Thus, they do not produce additional heat and noise.

As one of the largest online restaurant supply stores, Chef's Deal carries a large inventory of reach-in freezers with different features and various types. True Refrigeration, Atosa, Turbo Air, Hoshizaki, Arctic Air, Beverage Air, and Continental reach-in freezers are all among our exclusive selection. You can also find the best commercial reach-in freezer types such as single or double door freezers, solid or glass upright freezers, bottom or top mounted commercial freezers from other leading vendors of the United States at Chef's Deal.