Fish File Refrigerators

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Why Do You Need A Dedicated Fish File Refrigerator?

Fish file refrigerators are primarily designed to hold fish and poultry products at safe temperatures before cooking. Therefore, they are must-have equipment for commercial kitchens that serve varied fish and poultry.

Fish and poultry are among the exclusive tastes that will attract more customers to your food-serving business. They will enrich your menu with extra delicacies and attractive recipes. If you want to serve meals made with fresh fish and poultry, it is better to keep them in a fish file refrigerator. Because these products will shortly dry and start losing texture.

Fish file refrigerators are specifically designed to cool and preserve these food products until they are served. These types of refrigerators do not circulate the cool air inside the cabinet; instead, they lightly blow the air upon the products to cool them down. Hence, they preserve the moisture and taste of the fish and poultry in addition to hindering the bacteria growth inside.

If you use a significant amount of fish and poultry in your commercial kitchen, it will be best for you to buy a suitable size refrigerator for fish and poultry. These fish file coolers will allow you to serve delicious meals and prevent food squander and save you money.

How To Stock A Fish File Refrigerator?

To maximize the efficiency of fish refrigerators, you should stock them appropriately and monitor their temperature. Firstly, you should start with a layer of ice, and the fish or poultry layer should be laid down on the ice. Then, you can continue repeating this procedure until it fills up. Be sure to remember that fish and poultry must be stocked in different compartments to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.

Additionally, fish file refrigerators are equipped with thermometers to show their inside temperature. After filling the compartments, you should adjust the necessary temperature depending on the stocked material. These fish file refrigerators also have bleed ports to drain the water of melting ice as it is essential to keep the fish and poultry from wet areas to avoid bacteria growth.


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