Commercial Exhaust Hoods Only

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Exhaust Hoods Only For Commercial Kitchens

An exhaust hood only is an extraction hood attracting smoke, heat, grease-laden vapor, and steam generated by cooking equipment in commercial kitchens. This polluted air poses health hazards and fire risks. If not vented properly, these vapors start building up on walls, ceilings, and floors, creating unsanitary conditions. They will also drip on food and food contact surfaces. An exhaust-only hood filters out all these substances, risks, and foul odors, ensuring a safer workspace for employees and a more pleasant dining experience for customers.

A Few Basics About Commercial Exhaust Hoods Only

It's important to note that commercial exhaust hood-only systems house a filter, grease trough, and grease cup. Grease and other harmful substances in the air are extracted by baffle-type stainless steel filters, collected in the grease trough, and then drained in the grease cup for disposal. Exhaust hoods only systems don't feature exhaust fans. It's a choice to buy an exhaust-only hood when your restaurant hood gets too dirty. You may change only the hood rather than spending too much for a commercial hood system complete with fans, makeup air units, and ductwork.

Due to the cooking volume in commercial kitchens, piled-up grease on surfaces can spark fires. The use of exhaust-only hoods with fire suppression devices minimizes fire risks. Besides, ventilation hood systems filter out the contaminants in the air and expel them outside through the ductwork. That necessitates fresh air intake to balance the air inside the kitchen. That's why exhaust hoods only canopies are designed in a way to accommodate a fresh air fan or makeup air unit.

Choosing Your Commercial Exhaust Hoods Only

The structural design of your facility, the business volume, and the number and location of the cooking equipment in your kitchen will guide your choice. If your ceiling isn't high, a low-ceiling sloped front exhaust hood-only will meet your needs. Consider also the mounting location. An exhaust-only hood with a wall canopy style would be perfect for wall mount ranges in low-ceiling kitchens. If your cooking appliances stand in the middle of the kitchen, not by any wall, you can choose island canopy configurations.

As you'll have to purchase exhaust fans, fire suppression systems, and makeup air units separately, it would be wise to prefer a manufacturer offering customizability. Econ Air lets you configure your exhaust hoods only by selecting from accessories like supply fan packages, electrical fan control systems, and fire suppression units. You may also wish to see other commercial kitchen hoods for the specific needs of your business.